Spotland Secrets: MM get to know the Rochdale players… meet Ashley Eastham

By Josh Nicholls

MM are getting to know the Rochdale players a bit better every week and this week we caught up with 22-year-old defender Ashley Eastham

MM: What’s the best thing about being a footballer?

Eastham: Just coming in every day and doing the thing I enjoy most, there’s nothing I would rather do in the world than this. It’s great coming in having a laugh with the lads and doing something active and keeping fit.

MM: What’s the worst thing about being a footballer?

Eastham: The feeling straight after a game when you’ve lost, especially when you feel you could’ve got something out of the game. The losing feeling is not good.

MM: Who is you’re footballing hero?

Eastham: It was always David Beckham as a kid event though he wasn’t my position I saw him as a great role model.

MM: Who is the toughest opponent you’ve faced?

Eastham: Either Marouane Fellaini when he played for Everton or Ricardo Fuller when he was at Stoke, I was only eighteen when I was up against them. They’re two big strong lads and it was a case of welcome to the man’s world against them.

MM: Who is your best friend in football?

Eastham: Dominic Collins of Hereford United, I went to school with him and he was my best friend.

MM: What do like to do away from football?

Eastham: Just spend time with my family and my missus.

MM: What’s the last song you downloaded?

Eastham: I buy a lot on iTunes to be fair it’s whatever’s number one at the moment, erm I can think?

MM: One Direction isn’t it?

Eastham: No I definitely didn’t buy them that’s for sure. Oh Eminem and Rihanna – Monster, that’s it.

MM: What’s the last film you watched?

Eastham: Captain Phillips, I enjoyed that

MM: What was your first car?

Eastham: A silver Ford Fiesta.

MM: What would you be if you weren’t a footballer?

Eastham: Probably a PE teacher, I can’t just sit in an office I like being active and being on the move so something like that.

MM:  Finally, if you could pick five celebrities to go out for a drink with, who would they be?

Eastham: David Beckham, because I’d like to tap into his knowledge of football. Peter Kay – to have a laugh with. Barack Obama I could have a little chat to him about different things. I’m going to have to throw a woman in there aren’t I? Kim Kardashian have a chat with her for a little bit and Keith Lemon I find him hilarious so I’ll have to go with him.

Image courtesy of Official Rochdale AFC via YouTube, with thanks

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