I pay THEIR wages: Tyson Fury laughs in British boxing authority’s face ahead of Manchester Chisora bout

Tyson Fury claims he is ‘not interested’ in the misconduct charge that he faces from the British Boxing Board of Control following inappropriate behaviour at a press conference last week.

He has been ordered to appear in front of the board in August following his aggressive tone and profanity towards Dereck Chisora – who he fights this Saturday – and a journalist in attendance.

The BBBofC has released a statement that says they have decided to call Fury to a meeting under code of misconduct, which should he fail to attend would result in a suspension of his licence.

“I don’t care,” said Fury.

“They can charge me with whatever they want, it doesn’t mean anything to me. What do we suppose they are going to be doing – fining me or suspending me? I’m not interested.

“I pay the board their wages. Keep being mean to me, and I will look elsewhere to pay someone else some wages.”

Such sweeping statements will surely not go down well with the BBBofC, despite Fury’s apologetic tweets last week.

However in an interview on Monday he seemed to have once again had a change of heart regarding his actions.

“I don’t do anything criminal, so I’m not going to get taken away in a set of handcuffs,” he said.

“This is boxing – showbusiness, entertainment. I do what I do and say what I say to build big fights and if I was ‘Mr Quiet’, nobody would be interested.”

These were not Fury’s only antics as, at last week’s press conference, the two fighters made a bet of £100,000 as to the outcome of the fight.

A confident Fury claimed that he wasn’t interested in the bet.

“I wouldn’t want him to anyway. Getting a beating off me is one thing – taking his money as well is another. So I’m not really interested in the bet to be honest.”

The pair have met once previously, in 2011, with Fury the victor on points.

The fight is a final eliminator for the WBO world title, currently held by Wladimir Klitschko.

Main image courtesy of Be Real Tv via YouTube, with thanks.

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