Qatar World Cup 2022: FIFA told ‘re-run bidding process’ by Manchester MP

FIFA should re-run the World Cup 2022 bidding process rather than allowing a winter tournament to be held in Qatar, according to a South Manchester MP.

The international governing body’s executive committee is meeting in Zurich today to decide whether the competition should be held over the months of November and December, with a possible date for the final on December 23.

Officials fear a traditionally-held summer event would endanger the health of players and fans with temperatures in the country exceeding 40C – while those in November and December drop to around 25C.

John Leech, Withington MP and Lib Dem spokesman for Culture, Media and Sport, believes it was ridiculous to award Qatar the World Cup in the first place, which he believes was purely down to hidden motives.

“I said back in October 2013 that Qatar got this bid under false pretences,” he said.

“If they cannot deliver the summer World Cup they promised, FIFA should go through the bidding process again.”

Today’s recommendation is expected to be approved by the committee when they meet in Zurich again on March 19 and 20.

Leech believed that FIFA should have re-evaluated its host nation choice for the tournament long ago, with Qatar officially being announced as holders in December 2010 following a vote.

He explained that the World Cup should be held across the summer as usual and that a winter tournament could cause complications, with it running into the English football season amongst other countries’.

Leech added: “If you have gone through a tender process and someone can’t deliver what they said, you go through the process again.

“You don’t change the contract to suit the person who won the bid.”

Image courtesy of PBS via YouTube, with thanks.

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