Nantwich gymnastics volunteer receives national recognition

A gymnastics volunteer from Nantwich has been singled out for national recognition for her infectious enthusiasm and support of the club for over 35 years.

June Deeley, 70, is a coach and welfare officer for Crewe and Nantwich Gymnastics Club and has been shortlisted in the Volunteer of the Year category ahead of the British Gymnastics Awards.

Deeley, who began volunteering because her daughter was a gymnast at the club, is thrilled to be nominated for the award and stated that her love for volunteering stems from her gymnast’s own passion for the sport.

“It’s very nice that my club have put me forwards for the award, and I’m honoured to be recognised but it’s what I do,” she said.

“I’ve always volunteered, I’ve done it for 35 years.

“I taught in high school for about 20 years so obviously I’ve picked up some skills from that.

“In the school, you’ve got children who don’t want to be there and don’t want to do that. And then you come into the gym and you’ve got children who have chosen to be there, and it’s absolutely wonderful.

“It’s just lovely to see them getting enthusiastic about the sport that I’ve loved for 30 odd years.

“I’m a welfare officer as well and when you are given a problem and you find a way to sort it out, it’s just so rewarding.

“And usually, it’s something that’s actually quite small, but it means a lot to the person involved.

“And if you can just get them out of that problem and back in the gym, smiling and laughing and enjoying themselves, then that’s great.”

The British Gymnastics Awards are community led and about championing those who make the sport an uplifting experience for all, with more nominations than ever before coming in this year.

It is the creativity, dedication and passion from people in the sport that make gymnastics an accessible, inclusive and enjoyable sport for all.

The nominations have been judged by panels made up of British Gymnastics committee members and external panellists from across UK Sport, Gymnova, Milano, Gymaid, Youth Sport Trust, Sport England, Women in Sport, The Include Summit, Sport and Recreation Alliance, The Sport for Development Coalition and GB gymnasts.

With Deeley at the helm, Crewe and Nantwich Gymnastics have enjoyed a raft of success over the years, with gymnasts going to national and international competitions.

But one of the most memorable moments for the teacher was when a six-year-old Beth Tweddle first walked through the gym doors, the beginning of the Olympic bronze medallist’s illustrious career.

“Beth was just brilliant the instant she walked in,” said Deeley.

“It was pretty soon after she started that I went to the head coach and said that they were doing the schools competition here and he said, ‘you know who the children are, put them in teams, and it’s up to you’.

“And I was given Beth’s school to look after. They didn’t win anything and it’s probably one of the few times that she didn’t win anything, but it was lovely to support her during her first competition.

“I’ve had a good relationship with parents ever since. I don’t see them very much but I know I can get in touch with them if I need to.

“She was a natural gymnast, but she was also one of these people who always worked and you didn’t have to ask her to do something. You pointed her in the right direction, and she did it and just watching her get medals is just incredible.”

The British Gymnastics Awards celebrate those at the heart of gymnastics who create an uplifting experience for all. British Gymnastics has launched a new vision for a new era of gymnastics, learn more about Leap Without Limits here –

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