MM meets Beer Money: TNA wrestling duo talk ‘incredible’ Manchester and the future

TNA Impact Wrestling veterans Bobby Roode and James Storm, of the reformed Beer Money tag team, believe it’s time for more UK shows on the US promotion’s schedule.

On Friday night, TNA’s annual Maximum Impact Tour (8) is set to excite fans at the Manchester Arena, where ‘Beer Money’ chants are all-but-guaranteed.

And speaking to MM ahead of that event, the duo said it’s the energy of the UK crowds – particularly Manchester – that leaves them wanting more.

“Manchester is probably one of my favourite places to wrestle in the world,” said Canadian-born Roode.

“When we come on the UK Tour, Manchester’s usually the one I remember the most.

“I think it’s a fun arena, the people here are pretty incredible; very vocal, very loud, very energetic, and it just makes our matches and our night that much better.”

One of TNA’s most successful ever tag teams, the pair regrouped last month after Storm turned down WWE NXT to return to Impact Wrestling.

And like his cohort, he too is a fan of the UK and its wrestling scene.

Storm, a Tennessee-native, added: “The UK fans are a whole lot of fun and it is good we are focussing on the UK more now.

“We’ve got a big presence over here and we think maybe it’d be better if TNA came over more than just once a year and ran some other shows.

“You can see on TV just how rowdy they are and how much more energy is put out, and when you’re there, you can really feel it.”

Beer Money’s last Manchester appearance as a tandem came in January 2011, then accompanied by brief on-screen manager, the legendary Ric Flair.

So what’s happened in those five intervening years?

“The biggest thing is we’ve had pretty good singles careers,” said Roode, who has twice held the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in that span.

“We’ve been world champions, beat each other up, beat other people up, and got beaten up by other people, so it’s been a long time but I think the time for Beer Money to get back together and reunite is right.

“Starting a new television deal in the states, with Pop TV, and coming over here for the UK Tour, I think the time’s right and I think the fans are looking for it.”

The return has led to excitement amongst TNA fans hoping to see a feud between Beer Money and current tag champions The Wolves.

But Roode suggested they’ll be taking it one step at a time, entertaining along the way.

“There’s a lot of teams that we’re looking to fight with, we’re just getting our feet wet again and trying to remember some of the stuff that we used to do,” he said.

“We’re trying to remember how to tag,” quipped Storm, himself also a former TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Roode continued: “But obviously we didn’t come back just to be here, we came back to be the best team and when you’re the champions you’re the best.

“Right now The Wolves are the best so we’re hoping to eventually get a crack at them down the road, but we’ve got to earn it.”

Friday’s Manchester Arena event – headlined by Kurt Angle taking on Drew Galloway as part of the former’s ‘Farewell Tour’ – is the first night of TNA’s three-date UK Tour.

It is being filmed for TV taping, along with the London (Saturday) and Birmingham (Sunday) shows to be shown across 120 countries, including Challenge in the UK.

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