‘We will always compete’: Manchester United boss David Moyes confident amidst transfer market chaos

By Marios Papaloizou

Manchester United manager David Moyes believes that the club’s history is enough to ensure that they will always compete for signatures of the best players in the world.

United have been slow starters in this season’s transfer market and are yet to splash any significant cash.

However, despite claims that the club is falling behind its rivals, Moyes remains calm and is adamant that United can compete with anyone when it comes to spending big.

“Manchester United are more than happy to compete with all of the teams,” Moyes told the Press Association.

“There has been a change in dynamic because of PSG coming on the scene recently.

“That has altered things. But Manchester United will always compete.”

As well a willingness to compete financially Moyes also believes that Reds’ history gives them an edge in the transfer market.

“One thing it [Man Utd] has got is the history. It has got the name. It has got the success,” he said.

“Players do want to be connected to that and one day say they have played for Manchester United.

“That is a big pull for any player.”

Moyes’ appointment as United manager has been hailed as a ‘victory for sanity’ by former Reds star Gary Neville and the manager hopes that this will inspire a future generation of young coaches.

“I think hopefully it will inspire more coaches in our country to think there is a route through to one of the big clubs,” the Scot said.

“It has been very difficult in recent seasons for a British coach to get close to one of the big jobs.

“But I also had to earn my time. I was promoted through the divisions in the lower leagues with Preston.

“I had to earn my stripes to get myself to get myself to this level.”

Image courtesy of BBC Sports via Youtube, with thanks.

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