Loch Ness Monster spotted! How a Bolton firm created a viral football kit with a mythical twist

The Loch Ness Monster has resurfaced thanks to a Bolton football kit supplier who themselves have stamped their name on the world of sports attire.

ZN Sport, a subsidiary of Zero Negativity Clothing, is a family business and commits itself to producing solely sustainable products for sports teams and found immediate success with the eco-friendly strips they produced for Loch Ness FC.

The kits, which feature a mock-up of the famed Loch Ness Monster across the front, have sold in their thousands and triumphantly finished third in a BBC Sport ‘Football Kits for 2020-21: How do they rate?’ poll behind European giants Inter Milan and Ajax – ahead of the more staple strips like Liverpool, Barcelona and perhaps more importantly, the Old Firm.

Dan Gaunt, founder and CEO of ZN Sport, spoke of how the link between the two parties came about: “We already did the merchandise for the record label owned by one of the Loch Ness players.

“The record label had already made the switch to sustainable clothing and when we heard about the Loch Ness FC project we really wanted to get involved.”

The company have ambitions to make sustainability the norm across replica sports kit and feel they have proved it can be done without compromising on quality.

Each Loch Ness shirt is made from six plastic bottles and ZN Sport have saved over 22,000 bottles from ending up in landfill or the ocean.

By using 59-per-cent less energy than the manufacturing of a standard polyester football kit, they reduce their CO2 emissions by a massive 32-per-cent.

Everything ZN Sport do – from their garment decoration to the packaging the shirts arrive in – is 100-per-cent eco-friendly, and even their facilities run on purely green energy.

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