Manchester’s own sports and fitness app Hoops Connect released across country

A new app designed to take the hard work out of organising and discovering sport and fitness classes has hit the app stores.

Based in Manchester, Hoops Connect offers a free-to-use platform for people who run sporting sessions, dance classes, yoga or any other fitness activity to connect with potential players or customers.

Logging on as either an organiser or a participant – and with the ability to flick between the two in app – every angle has been covered to revolutionise the way people approach sport and fitness.

As an organiser, time-consuming administration has been centralised, with users creating events, taking payments, replacing drop-outs with waiting lists and talking directly to participants through internal messaging.

As a participant, users can see instantly what sporting events and fitness classes are available in their area and around the country, allowing them to find opportunities in their favourite activities or discover new events.

Founder Jonas Urbonas has been working on the project since he moved to the country from his native Lithuania as a student in 2011.

“When I moved to study in England all I wanted was to get on the court and play basketball,” he said.

“But without knowing anybody, there was no way that I could find people – or for other ballers to find games I was setting up.

“So I came up with Hoops. I saw the problem, and after years of hard work, I think we’ve fixed it.

“Now I’m just hoping people who have faced similar problems will see our solution too.”

With Hoops now open to the public, efforts are being stepped up to connect with organisers and to fill the community with viable events.

Organisers of sport, fitness and dance classes who want more information on advertising their sessions through the app can find more information at, or can contact the team at [email protected]



The app is completely free to download and use for both organisers and participants, and available in both iOS and Google Play app stores by searching for Hoops Connect.

Image courtesy of Hoops Connect via Twitter, with thanks. 

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