Man Utd fan having a giraffe with Van Gaal animal pictures – but will stop horsing around when Reds win

Is it a bird or is it a plane? No, it’s a parrot with Louis van Gaal’s face!

Manchester United are yet to get fans purring this season and life-long fan Alwyn Payne is commemorating the team’s poor form with a series of animal-inspired images of the new boss.

The 24-year-old has been a United fan his entire life and has promised to post a different animal based image of Van Gaal every day until his side’s next victory.

“I only get to five or 10 games a season because of the price but I am Manchester United-born and bred,” said Mr Payne.

“I wish I could say there is some great inspiration for the pictures but I just saw a picture of a turtle and thought it would be funny to put Van Gaal’s head on it.

“I guess there is a little bit of frustration at the way the season is going but it would be wrong to put too much meaning behind the images.”

The Red Devils have been a different animal under Van Gaal this season – but their sluggish start saw them set-off like a turtle:

After making the same promise earlier in the season ahead of the West Ham game, Mr Payne was amazed by the popularity of his tweets.

The previous set of images only lasted four days as United claimed a contentious 2-1 victory over the Hammers – but the United fan expects a much longer series this time around.

“I won’t reveal which animals are going to be involved next but I will probably run out of animals before we win,” said Mr Payne, who works for an online clothing company.

“I was a bit disappointed when the images stopped after the win against West Ham, so I had to do it again.

“It has got me a ridiculous amount of followers which is great. It gives me a lot of pleasure making the images and it is fantastic that so many people enjoy them.”

Already ten days in and with United facing the Manchester derby this weekend, Mr Payne could have his work cut out to keep the images coming and might find himself flying through the animal kingdom at a pace.

Mr Payne’s animal odyssey could be halted, however, as he hasn’t yet installed an internet connection after moving to his new home in Sale three weeks ago.

“I moved in three weeks ago and it is great being nearer to Old Trafford but without internet at home I will have to post the images at work,” added Mr Payne.

“It could be embarrassing explaining to my boss why I am putting a picture of a horse on Van Gaal’s shoulders.”

Mr Payne won’t be able to make it to the Etihad this Sunday and isn’t confident that United will be able to bring his animal artworks to an end just yet.

“I think we will score and won’t be embarassed but I am predicting a 2-1 or 3-1 victory for Man City,” said Mr Payne.

“I will be amazed if we win but if we do I have the best picture ever prepared!”

In recent days Mr Payne has produced his personal favourite piece of Van Gaal as an elephant and even managed to push his girlfriend towards buying a dog with this masterpiece:

Alwyn’s animal art work so far:

Images courtesy of Alwyn Payne via Twitter with thanks 

Main image courtesy of Peter Harrison with inset courtesy of FifaTV via YouTube, with thanks.

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