Film review: The Assistant

The film was released in a matter of weeks after Harvey Weinstein began his 23-year prison sentence and is inspired by tales of women working in the film industry.

Review: Calm with Horses

Nick Rowland’s feature length debut is an unrelenting tale of split loyalties, taking the well trodden ground of choosing between your blood family or your chosen one yet making it feel bracingly fresh.

Review: The Gentlemen

Once known only for his signature British gangster movies, such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998), Snatch (2000) and RocknRolla (2008), Guy Ritchie has defied his critics by producing several surprises in recent years.

Review: Queen & Slim

This is a love story set against the backdrop of racist America in director Melina Matsoukas’ first full-length movie – Queen & Slim. Josh Poyser reviews…

Film review: 1917

1917 has garnered attention for its ambitious cinematography and is a remarkable technical achievement that provides an unsanitised look into the horrors of trench warfare.

Film review: Jojo Rabbit

The truth is, it’s a solid four-star film – pretty good, worth seeing, but nothing to get hot and bothered about either way.

Review: Days of the Bagnold Summer

This charming tale of a mother and son’s meandering summer holiday from The Inbetweeners star Simon Bird in his directorial debut could easily wander into mediocrity, but instead becomes something all the more endearing.

Review: Rambo: Last Blood

Having found success by reviving Rocky Balboa for the Creed series, Sylvester Stallone again attempts to provide a fitting end for one of his iconic characters in Rambo: Last Blood.