Collabavirus… making music in the digital-only world

Those more au fait with binary code know the above tells an undeniable truth about the 2020s. It’s a truth that is becoming more evident to more people as every hour of lockdown passes, and one that could influence policy debate across the decade.

Album review: Harkin by Katie Harkin

Leeds musical treasure Katie Harkin is preparing to add her latest, eponymous solo project to a résumé already laden with brilliant accomplishments.

Album review: The Night Chancers by Baxter Dury

Baxter Dury told Jason Williamson that he envisaged his new album ‘The Night Chancers’ – as told by an ageing hip hop mogul who looks back on his life in chapters – the perfect analogy for an album doused in self-awareness and promiscuity.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Prices

Noel Gallagher’s two nights at the Manchester Apollo will cost fans £68.90 for a standing ticket, so it’s no wonder one of Manchester’s most famous musicians still had tickets for sale hours later.