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Who is UK's sexiest vegan? Meet Manchester's animal-loving actress vying for compassionate crown

Who is UK's sexiest vegan? Meet Manchester's animal-loving actress vying for compassionate crown

| By Helen Le Caplain

A doggedly determined actress’ dream of sweeping the boards and claiming the UK’s Sexiest Vegan accolade is one step closer after making it to the finals.

Manchester's own Kate Laycy, 33, who describes herself as an ‘animal-loving, green tea-obsessed Bikram gal’ is determined to prove that compassion really is sexy in PETA’s competition.

A vegan for the last year and a half, Kate ditched all animal products after reading a book called Skinny Bitch and learning about the realities of the meat and dairy industry.

"More people need to be aware about the cruelty of the dairy industry," Kate explained.

"I have vegetarian family and friends that are unaware that dairy is cruel, and I definitely won't shut up until they realise this!"

ANIMAL ADVOCATE: Kate's determined to spread the vegan message

“It is so, so important for me to be a vegan as I am a massive animal lover. Most animals are stuck in filthy factory farms with horrific conditions and are just sent to slaughter with no painkillers.”

Now a proud animal rights advocate, she tries to inspire those around her to adopt a healthy diet.

She explained: "If more people really knew the facts, I'm convinced more people would go vegan  –who wouldn’t want to help animals and as a bonus have fab skin and a hot body?

“Being a vegan has never been easier there are so many alternative options.

“It’s a bonus that having a healthy vegan lifestyle helps you look hot and gives u loads of energy.

“I am honoured to be a finalist with compassionate sexy vegans and most importantly during attention to animal cruelty.”

COMPASSIONATE: Kate cares for the animals

When she is not busy advocating a vegan lifestyle, Kate can be found volunteering at an animal shelter with dreams of going abroad and helping the many stray animals.

"There are so many street dogs and cats in India who need help", she said.

"It is definitely on my to-do list to go out there for a few months and volunteer."

PETA campaigner Yvonne Taylor said that embracing a vegan lifestyle was an attractive quality both inside and out.

"Compassion for others is not only a sign of strength but also a big turn on", she said.

"Everyone who entered this contest is a winner because they know that the best thing that people can do for animals, the planet and their own health is to go vegan."

FINALIST: Kate beat off stiff competition to reach the final eight

Kate, along with the other seven finalists, are among many animal devotees who have shunned meat, dairy products and certain clothing such as leather and wool in favour of more ‘animal-friendly’ options.

And it seems Kate is good company as celebrities such as Oscar-winning actors Jared Leto and Natalie Portman along with Joaquin Phoenix, Jessica Chastain and Ellie Goulding all follow a vegan diet.

You can see the finalists, and vote, by clicking here.

Voting closes on April 11 and the winners (one male and one female) will be announced on April 15.

Pictures by Brandon Bishop, courtesy of Kate Laycy with thanks