Updated: Monday, 10th December 2018 @ 4:16pm

It’s official: Manchester women DON’T fancy men with beards, survey reveals

It’s official: Manchester women DON’T fancy men with beards, survey reveals

| By Edward Roberts

The majority of women in Manchester are turned off by men with beards, it has been revealed.

According to a new survey hosted by the male grooming company men-ü, 60% of girls want their fellas to be close shaved.

This figure rises to 70% when it comes to sharing intimate moments together.

The findings are sure to come as a shock, especially to the beard-sporting guys knocking around Chorlton and the Northern Quarter.

While those lads who are eager to impress the opposite sex might need to pick up a razor more often, fortunately they can also start taking it easy in the gym.

That’s because the poll also revealed that only 15% of women consider a good physique to be a priority when choosing a man.

The gals who took part in the survey admitted they are much more interested in fellas with a good personality and sense of humour, with 72% marking it as the most important quality in a partner.

Sadly, this doesn’t mean that the boys can start ditching their mirrors any time soon.

A massive 91% of women said it was essential that their man took pride in his appearance.

Almost a quarter confessed that they wouldn’t see a lad again if he wasn’t well groomed on their first date.

So who should the men of Manchester aspire towards? George Clooney, apparently.

The Hollywood hunk ranked top of the list when the women were asked which man embodied all the qualities they look for.

Good luck trying to match up to Clooney, lads.