Updated: Friday, 22nd May 2020 @ 2:15pm

Guard them glasses! Deirdre Barlow’s blinkers receive spec-tacular escort onto set of Coronation Street tour

Guard them glasses! Deirdre Barlow’s blinkers receive spec-tacular escort onto set of Coronation Street tour

| By Ruth Dacey

Deirdre Barlow’s specs received five-star treatment with security escort as Coronation Street’s historic set prepares to open to the public.

The humongous glasses are just one of the eccentric gems from the past of the show on offer for Corrie fans to pay homage to as well having the opportunity to walk down the famous hallowed cobbles.

Synonymous with actress Anne Kirkbride since she first took to the screen on 20 November 1972, the soap team were insistent he memorable goggles became part of the exhibition.

“The most valuable and iconic prop on set is Deidre’s glasses definitely,” explained Coronation Street Art Director Gavin Lloyd-Smith.

“They will be the most talked about because they always were and if anyone does an impression of her they always put on a rubbish pair of glasses.”

VALUABLE CARGO: You'd have thought Dierdre's specs were the crown jewels from the treatment they received

Kirkbride, who was nicknamed ‘Miss Sexy Spex’ in her youth, wore the same style of glasses for almost 30 years before Dev Alahan crushed them with a box and she opted for a smaller frame.

The gigantic pair have been placed inside a security tight display unit where they will remain alongside other iconic props such as Ena Sharples’ hair net, Hilda Ogden’s curlers and Vera Duckworth’s infamous hooped earrings for the next six months.

Round-the-clock surveillance will be in place for the precious piece, which was brought up from the depths of the archive vault at MediaCityUK to take pride of place on the tour.

The specs were the final iconic artefact to the site and join an array of eclectic props including Becky McDonald’s OTT pink wedding dress, Ken Barlow’s infamous kimono and Roy Cropper’s classic cardie.

Gavin continued: “There are so many wonderful things to see – fabulous costumes, wedding dresses, urns and coffins, I am not sure on the actual value but they all have a sentimental value to us.”

The Quay Street site will be opened its doors to the public as a visitor attraction this weekend, allowing fans to view interior sets, take a look behind the scenes and walk down the famous cobbles.