Updated: Wednesday, 3rd June 2020 @ 3:06pm

'Deserves to be there': Roy Hodgson furious over petition to ban Tom Cleverley from England squad

'Deserves to be there': Roy Hodgson furious over petition to ban Tom Cleverley from England squad

| By Stefan Mackley

Roy Hodgson has slammed an online petition calling for Tom Cleverley to be banned from World Cup squad.

The petition, which was only created last week, has nearly 12,000 signatures.

Ahead of tonight’s friendly against Denmark, Hodsgon slated the petition branding it a waste of time and incorrect.

"It doesn't impress me,” said the England manager.

"He deserves to be in this 30-man group. He's done an awful lot of good."

The Manchester United midfielder has been singled out for criticism, but Hodgson believes it is unfair to blame him entirely for Man United’s poor run of form.

"I don't think it's correct people should single out one player for Manchester United's lack of success this season.

"I would like to think that I'm not going to have the England team selected in the future by petitions from various people who are holding it against one person for a team's lack of success.

"You can't expect a football coach to have any sympathy with it.”

While Cleverley has been selected for tonight’s friendly, there is no guarantee he will have a seat on the plane to this summer’s tournament.

The 24-year-old has 13 caps for the national side, having won six of the games he has appeared in.

Hodgson is adamant that despite the criticism, he will come through the adversity and be better for it.

“He will come through it and when he does come through it and Manchester United start winning again and he's starting to get praise for his performances, he'll be stronger for it,” he said.

The petition, set up by Glenn McConnell from Blackpool, was reposted less than a day after it was rejected by the government e-petiton website.

Mr McConnell said: “Tom Cleverley, owner of 13 England caps, has been regularly selected by Roy Hodgson in his squads without possessing any genuine qualities whatsoever.

“We believe in the reputation of this proud footballing nation and that he should be prevented from attending this summer's international showcase.

“Whilst England are considered to disappoint at major tournaments, further embarrassment could be avoided by not having his inept performances undermine the rest team's efforts.”

A number of people have signed the petition and vented their frustrations towards the England international.

Josh Deegan, from Manchester signed up to the e-petition and stated why he supported the cause.

“This petition is brutal, but as a Manchester United fan, I completely agree that it would be a crime if Tom is on the plane to Brazil in place of so many other English midfielders who are a lot better qualified.”

Another disgruntled England fan was Paul Donohue, who said:  “There are at least seven players, not in the current England Squad, more deserving of a place.”

Picture courtesy of Alexandra Savicheva, with thanks.