Updated: Sunday, 9th December 2018 @ 5:33am

Dance troupe 'drop dead' in Piccadilly Gardens to remind smokers that tobacco kills one in two

Dance troupe 'drop dead' in Piccadilly Gardens to remind smokers that tobacco kills one in two

| By Josh Willacy

A dance troupe stormed Piccadilly Gardens to use shock tactics to remind people tobacco kills one in two smokers.

The performance coincides with the International Conference on Urban Health taking place in Manchester this week.

Dancers dazzled passers-by with an energetic performance wearing hoodies with #tobaccokills1in2 printed on the front.

During the show, half of the Pastiche dance group dropped ‘dead’ to represent the shocking statistic.

This was followed by a reading from a street poet who warned of the wrong-doing tobacco companies are inflicting upon people, and the dangers their products have on their health.

The elaborate routine was done in partnership with Tobacco Free Futures, an awareness group who tour the country educating young people on the dangers of smoking.

Tobacco Free Futures CEO Andrea Crossfield told MM: “We really want this performance to connect with young people, to get across this shocking statistic and to discuss the dirty tactics of tobacco companies.

“Kids are switched on about what’s going on globally and what we are trying to do is educate young people about the deforestation, youth marketing and child labour the tobacco industry supports.”

Hannah Butcher, one of the Pastiche dance group members, was happy perform for a cause she feels strongly about.

“We often perform to promote club-nights – which is great – but I feel this has real meaning,” Hannah said.

“I hate smoking so I’m really happy to get across this message across, however scary.”

Pastiche's performance had a profound effect on Nadia, from Audenshaw. She said: “This has really made me think twice, because realistically that could be one of us.”

The International Conference on Urban Health will be held between March 4-7 at Manchester Central.

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