Updated: Monday, 18th February 2019 @ 10:37am

Review: MK Ultra @ HOME, Manchester

Review: MK Ultra @ HOME, Manchester

| By Nicola-Jayne Wells

It’s fair to say that MK Ultra uses a method of storytelling that quickly takes hold of your brain.

A brief bit of research on the production will show that many have described it as ‘extraordinary’, meaning there’s plenty of anticipation surrounding the show as it opened at HOME.

Choreographer Rosie Kay teamed up with controversial documentary-maker Adam Curtis to provide an unsettling vision into archive -driven storytelling through a creative mixed media platform.

It begs the questions: “Who are the Illuminati? Are we all puppets in society being controlled through our minds?”

From the start, the audience is captivated by the use of clever technology, penetrating beats and energetic dancers.

MIND-BOGGLING: There's a lot to get your head around

Kay’s secret seven are hypnotic and thought-provoking as they perform routines as rituals whilst wearing symbolic imaged catsuits. 

Ultimately, the audience are left embracing the chaotic confusion of creative contemporary dance.

It takes everyone in attendance on a journey of exploration and theoretical ideology of CIA conspiracy theories and the world of fake truth.

Most importantly, it allows those present to delve into the secrets of the Illuminati cult, those who supposedly control our world through subliminal messages played through pop videos and through Disney classics.

The opening scenes are like taking a bite out of one of Disney’s poisonous apples. You taste the alluring fruit, but this time you can’t resist having more.

CREATIVE: The production uses mixed media platforms

The dancing is flawless, fluid and utterly mesmerising as those on stage move fiercely using their core body strength and strong lifts.

From this point on there’s not even the faintest bit of disappointment as those in attendance are captivated and left desperately wanting more.

When all is said and done, the audience are left hungering for another bite of the apple – and this time they could devour the whole thing all over again.

A hypnotic performance to say the least. 

*MK Ultra is currently touring around the UK. You can buy tickets HERE.