Updated: Friday, 6th December 2019 @ 8:37pm

Is Afflecks Palace haunted? Shop owners claim poltergeists, time warps and ghostly guests haunt emporium

Is Afflecks Palace haunted? Shop owners claim poltergeists, time warps and ghostly guests haunt emporium

By Kenny Lomas

Legendary Manchester shopping emporium Afflecks has welcomed many famous shoppers over the years including the likes of Debbie Harry, the Gallagher brothers and members of rock band Def Leppard.

But its patronage doesn’t just end with purveyors of eclectic curiosities; it seems that it also enjoys visitors…. from the other side.

Poltergeist activity, spooky silhouettes and time-bending shenanigans are just some of the ghostly goings on at 52 Church Street according to some business owners.

Kate Oakley, owner of Vintage Twists on the first floor of Afflecks, revealed she had an eerie encounter just last month.

“I was in my shop and in the corner of my eye was a dark shape, and one of the Christmas tree baubles started swinging, but all the rest were still,” she recalled.

“The door was shut so there were no drafts of wind coming through, it was very eerie.

“I used to live in a caravan, and at night the clocks used to change – that’s a thing that tends to happen, they set back the clocks.”

And it seems that Kate’s not the only one who has encountered all manner of things that go bump in the night.

She explained: “There are loads of people who have seen things. On the top floor, where they have store rooms, lots of people have seen things thrown round – somebody found a deck of cards laid on the floor.”

Raven, a clairvoyant based in Afflecks, claims to have seen ghostly figures perusing the floor near her stall.

She said: “Occasionally I’ll see them I just see people generally walking around, there’s an old lady who I see regularly.

“She wears a dark, 1950s-style coat and hat – I’ve seen her coming in here, walk in and then leave again.”

But not everyone is convinced that Afflecks has spiritual visitors in their midst.

Paul Carter, a security guard at the emporium doesn’t believe the legend, though not through want of trying.

He said: “I walk around here in the dark shouting things to see if anything is here, but nothing replies.

“I’ve not heard or seen anything in here. Other people have, but then if you want to let your guard down and believe it you can do – I believe in science.”

Afflecks manager Tony Martin laughed off the suggestion that Afflecks is haunted and said that the stories are exactly that.

He said: “If anything like that was going on we’d be aware of it. It’s just gossip and rumours.

“If a bag falls off the shelf in this place, it’s a ghost – nothing to do with the fact that they’ve over-stocked the shelves!”

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