Updated: Friday, 22nd May 2020 @ 2:15pm

Ghost of Christmas Past: Manchester council urge you to recycle your festive firs

Ghost of Christmas Past: Manchester council urge you to recycle your festive firs

| By Ellis Whitehouse

While Manchester’s residents may still be nursing their food babies or caressing their heads after a rowdy New Year’s Eve, the annual post-Christmas throw out has begun, including the mass exodus of all Christmas trees.

Sadly, the trees often get neglected, thrown out with the wrapping paper and food scraps or just left to decay on a roadside.

The authorities are getting wary of this, and want to encourage families to give their festive firs the send-off they deserve by recycling.

Councillor Nigel Murphy, Manchester City Council’s Executive Member for Neighbourhoods, commented on how easy it now is for locals to get rid of their trees along with the Christmas remnants.

He said: “Mancunians have already been filling their blue bins with paper from the season’s unwrapped presents.

“Glass and plastic bottles along with cans from New Year’s Eve parties have been placed in their brown bins.

“It’s now so simple to dispose of your Christmas tree in an environmentally responsible way.

“We all know how important recycling is to help the environment so I’d like to urge residents to make recycling more one of their New Year’s resolutions.”

It is now easier than ever for residents to recycle their Christmas trees – they can be processed along with other garden waste to produce quality compost to spread across the region to give something back to our soils.

Local recycling centres will now take in Christmas trees, and residents can arrange for them to be picked up right outside their houses.

The good natured city council will collect trees on any of the fortnightly collection days for food and garden waste throughout January to ease the post-Christmas deluge of clutter and leftover foods no one had the stomach left to eat.

Trees can also be taken to any of Manchester’s three household waste and recycling centres - Longley Lane in Sharston, Reliance Street in Newton Heath or Sandfold Lane in Levenshulme.

Naturally though, if you do leave your tree out to be whisked away, don’t let it obstruct any pavements – no one wants their hair full of tree spikes and baubles!

To arrange Christmas tree collection, email your home address and where the tree will be left to [email protected]You will not receive a reply but the pick-up will be handled within 10 working days.

Additionally, anyone who doesn’t have a green garden bin/food caddy and wants to apply for one free of charge – or to simply check collection dates – should click here, send an email to [email protected] or call 0161 234 5004.

Image courtesy of Alan Stanton, with thanks.