Updated: Friday, 22nd May 2020 @ 2:15pm

Nick Clegg tells Manchester: HS2 tackles North-South divide that has ‘scarred our country’

Nick Clegg tells Manchester: HS2 tackles North-South divide that has ‘scarred our country’

By Tim Hyde

Implementing HS2 will encourage greater investment in Manchester and help build a stronger economy in the UK, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said in a speech yesterday.

Clegg visited Manchester to show his support for HS2 and liberal Democrat MP John Leech as he believes the £33billion investment will help even the distribution of wealth across the UK as it will create new jobs for people in the north.

He also believes that implementing HS2 would create a better infrastructure in the North and would encourage greater investment in the Manchester region.

Nick Clegg MP said: “HS2 is central to our 21st century ambition to build a stronger economy in the UK.

“Completing HS2 will help us to tackle the North South divide that’s scarred our country for too long by encouraging greater investment in the North West region.

This will create more jobs and help to re-balance the British economy so that economic growth is not centred on London.”

Two new railway stations are planned to be built in Manchester, one next to Piccadilly and another at Manchester Airport.

HS2 is expected to generate 10,000 construction jobs, 1,400 permanent operational jobs and 49,700 jobs in the regeneration and development areas associated with station developments. 

The investment on the railway line will also bring environmental benefits with millions of cars taken off the road and reducing the carbon dioxide output by up to a million tonnes by 2055.

MP John Leech said: “The Liberal Democrats were the first party to commit to high-speed rail and I lobbied hard to make sure Manchester feels the benefits of HS2.

“The £33billion government investment will be a massive boost to the whole of Manchester. HS2 will bring 60,000 new jobs to the region and I am delighted the Deputy PM shares my commitment to creating jobs in Manchester.”

Picture courtesy of Liberal Democrats via Flickr, with thanks.

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