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Video: Desperate Christmas Eve thief resorts to dismantling and climbing in CEILING of Failsworth post office

Video: Desperate Christmas Eve thief resorts to dismantling and climbing in CEILING of Failsworth post office

By Jon Harris

Meet Britain's most desperate robber  the bumbling bandit foiled by a glass screen and two locked doors who resorted to dismantling and climbing through the CEILING of a Failsworth post office. 

The Christmas Eve thief had earlier been seen pacing up and down and the street and overheard muttering 'I have no money  may as well do the Post Office'.

Moments later he burst into Watchcote Post Office in Failsworth, near Oldham, with so much determination to steal cash he tried four different ways of getting behind the counter.

The robber first picked up a National Lottery ticket stand and flung it towards the screen in an attempt to shatter the glass.

When that didn't work he tried in vain to kick in and force open two secure doors each side of counter.

When all else failed he resorted to jumping up onto a shelf and pulling the polystyrene tiles from the false ceiling. Despite his legs falling through the ceiling frame he managed to clamber through a roof void as staff cowered in the back.

He eventually got away with an undisclosed amount of cash leaving a trail of debris behind him.

Yesterday Greater Manchester Police issued CCTV of the raid at 11am on Christmas Eve saying the two minute hold-up was 'hamfisted' and an 'act of desperation'.

The footage shows the masked man initially demanding money from the staff working behind the counter before effecting his four forms of forced entry.

Det Con Tony Anwas said: "This CCTV paints perfectly the picture of just how desperate this man was to get his hands on some cash.

"I believe he has made a spur of the moment decision to rob the Post Office, and has executed his plan in a rushed and ham-fisted manner.

"We believe he was pacing about beforehand and making several comments about his dire financial position and inability to afford Christmas gifts.

"If you were outside and saw or spoke to this person we really need to hear from you.

"We also need to hear from anyone who knows who the person responsible is or who, having viewed the CCTV, recognises someone from the build of the man, the way he has walked or the clothing worn."

The robber is described as being white, of a pale complexion, about 6ft tall, of a slim build and in his 20s. He was also said to have wide, pale blue eyes and was wearing a black woollen balaclava, blue tracksuit and thick black gloves.

Story via Cavendish Press.

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