Updated: Friday, 5th June 2020 @ 4:07pm

Hale man dodges jail over cannabis farm that had potential to produce £40K

Hale man dodges jail over cannabis farm that had potential to produce £40K

| By Sian Wilson

A ‘highly intelligent’ Hale man whose £10,000 cannabis farm was uncovered when police investigated allegations of assault lodged by his father evaded jail but was slapped with 150 hours unpaid work.

Police made the discovery, which included five or six strains of cannabis, when they attended Myles Cohen’s house in Broadway Mews, Hale, last July, after his businessman father made allegations of assault.

The assault proceedings were later withdrawn at his father’s request.

The prosecution told the court how police officers discovered a ‘reasonably well planned professional set up’ of tents, sheeting and drug paraphernalia in the two upstairs rooms.

The 27-year-old Cohen’s 45 plants, made up of five or six different strains of cannabis, had the potential to produce more than a kilogram of cannabis, with a street value in excess of £10,000.

In a year, he had the potential to produce cannabis with a street value of £40,000. Mr Cohen entered an immediate guilty plea on November 3, but maintained the farm was set up for personal use only.

Mr Sugare, defence, described the defendant as a ‘highly intelligent person’, saying the quantity of drugs could be explained by his addiction and the different varieties of the drug.

Cohen, who works with a company in Birmingham as well as Big City Radio, was described as having ‘dysfunctional’ family relationships.

The man had been living with his mother, who works in politics, in her home in Birmingham since July.

The defence expressed uncertainty as to whether Cohen would be evicted or not and return to Manchester.

At the Minshull Street Crown Court hearing, both defence and prosecution agreed the drug was not for sale or to be given to others, and that Cohen was in a Lesser role.

After taking into account testimonials and considering a suspended sentence, Mr Recorder SJ Hilton imposed a high level community order lasting 12 months.

An order was also made for the destruction of the cannabis and paraphernalia seized.

Image courtesy of Martijn, with thanks.