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Remembrance Sunday 2013: Salford's Imperial War Museum North uses art to reflect on poignant day

Remembrance Sunday 2013: Salford's Imperial War Museum North uses art to reflect on poignant day

By Scott Hunt

Remembrance Sunday is one of the most poignant events on the British calendar.

It is a chance to remember those who have lost their lives in conflicts past and present and Imperial War Museum North are hosting a number of events to mark this Remembrance weekend.

Art is at the centre of events with a unique live performance to mark the occasion.

Sound, digital projection and dance will be combining to explore the impact of conflict ranging from the First World War to present day troubles in Egypt.

IWM North Director, Graham Boxer, said:At a time when our understanding of war is increasingly shaped by the media and the internet, art can allow us to think more deeply about conflict and reflect on its impact.”

The displays are all part the #SeeArtHere season at IWM North, part of Imperial War Museums, which features artistic responses to past and ongoing conflicts.

Specially commissioned by IWM North, ‘Remembrance: Captured in Stone’ by Laura Kriefman is a unique dance performance demonstrating how way impacts on people’s lives.

The performance will investigate powerful images from 100 years of conflict and is inspired by public areas which become no go zones in times of conflict.

“This Remembrance, we hope visitors will be inspired to visit this powerful dance performance by Laura Kriefman and our major new exhibition about art and war,” Mr Boxer said.

The premiere at IWM North coincides with IWN’s national collection of art about war, which will feature high profile artists such as Steve McQueen.

The Remembrance events run alongside the major new exhibition at IWM North, ‘Catalyst: Contemporary Art and War’, which will feature McQueen’s ‘Queen and Country’.

This is an installation of facsimile stamp sheets with portraits of British service personnel killed in Iraq.

One of the British service people featured on the stamp sheets is Major Matthew Bacon, who died in Iraq in 2005.

Major Bacon is also the subject of IWM North’s Remembrance Big Picture Show which will play daily in the Main Exhibition Space and will look at the origins of remembrance from the First World War to the loss of Major Bacon in Iraq.

The Big Picture Show is a unique 360-degree audio-visual display which features photographs, moving images and surround sound.

Visitors to IWM North can explore the story of Major Bacon in more detail in ‘Closer Look: Remembrance’ tours which will take place until 3.30pm on Monday November 11.

A traditional two minute silence will be held at 11am on Sunday November 10 and Monday November 11.

Laura Kriefman’s performances take place on Sunday November 10 at 12pm and 3pm.

IWM North is located on The Quays in Manchester and is open daily from 10am-5pm with free admission. 

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