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HomoElectric: A revealing look at the WILD club night where there are ‘no rules’

HomoElectric: A revealing look at the WILD club night where there are ‘no rules’

| By Edward Roberts

HomoElectric is making its grand return to Manchester for the first time in 2017.

The iconic club night – billed as a ‘disco for twisted and sleazy people’ – will take place at Hidden on Mary Street in the city centre on Saturday.

Ahead of the event, MM caught up with organiser and resident DJ Jamie Bull to see what revellers can expect.

He told us: “It’ll be crazy – but crazy in a good way! ‘

“My advice would be, come down and open your mind. Be prepared to dance. It is a place with no rules. You can do your own thing.”

DJ: Jamie Bull never fails to get people moving

It’s fair to say that HomoElectric lays claim to having a rather wild reputation.

During previous events, it’s become a regular occurrence to see scantily-clad ravers busting a move on the dancefloor.

It’s also common to behold sightings of clubbers wearing dolphin masks as they let loose to the music.

Long-time revellers may recall that HomoElectric used to be at Follies and Legends on Whitworth Street, before that building’s demolition in 2012.

NO RULES: People are free to do as they please

As well as holding events in London, its Manchester home rotates between Antwerp Mansion, Factory and, of course, Hidden.

“HomoElectric was synonymous with Legends, but now we don’t want to be restricted to one place,” explained Jamie.

“We’re lucky because there’s some really interesting venues popping up in Manchester and they each have their own personality and energy.”

WILD: Everyone is encouraged to be themself and have fun

In an effort to accommodate different ‘tribes’, the event is purposely held away from Canal Street.

According to Jamie, this is one way that the club night is less about sexuality than its tongue-in-cheek name suggests.

The DJ revealed: “Our slogan is that it’s a place for homos, heteros, lesbos and don't knows.

“Canal Street can be very pop, very mainstream. But we’re all about the music.”

PARTY: It's an event like no other - no matter where it's held

These thoughts were echoed by regular Shaun Haywood, who said that he looks forward to stepping away from the Gay Village.

“There are no cliques in HomoElectric. Everyone speaks to everyone, everyone makes everyone feel welcome,” the 27-year-old said.

He continued: “You can wear what you like and there is never a bad atmosphere or any kind of drama. 

“Everyone who’s there is there to have a good time.

“It’s just nice to have a can of Red Stripe and not be worrying if I’m going to spill it and ruin my clothes.”

This weekend’s line-up features resident DJs Will Tramp and Gina Breeze alongside Jamie.

Tickets are set sell out but can still be purchased on Skiddle for £12. 

Images courtesy of Lauren Jo Kelly, with thanks.