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Jailbreaker back behind bars for decade after robbery and burglary spree across Stretford

Jailbreaker back behind bars for decade after robbery and burglary spree across Stretford

By John McDougall

A jailbreaker who embarked on a burglary and robbery spree just hours after escaping prison has been told he will spend more than a decade behind bars.

Sean Anthony James Berger, 30, began an eight-year sentence in March 2011 for burglary and violent disorders but walked out of Kirkham Prison through an unlocked door on December 17 last year. 

Berger helped rob a house in Stretford the following day along with three others – whose owner suffered cuts, bruises and knocked-out teeth – before attempting to burgle two other properties.

And today he had at least ten years added onto his original sentence at Minshull Street Crown Court, with His Honour Judge Maurice Greene condemning his actions.

“You pose a very high risk of causing serious harm to members of the public,” he said. “You are indeed at serious risk of committing serious harm.    

“You were part of a gang that entered this house knowing that violence was used. You left prison to commit offences to pay off your large debt.

“This was a group enterprise. He clearly knew that violence was going to be used and he knew that weapons were being taken.

“He has been considered dangerous and has committed some serious offences.”

Berger – dressed in court in a light blue shirt, tie and jeans – has 18 previous convictions from 34 offences since he was a juvenile, developing a gambling addiction.

He walked out of Kirkham – an open prison – on December 17 and just a day later helped rob £15,000 worth of jewellery from a house in Stretford.

Berger then attempted to burgle two other Streford homes – throwing a plant pot at a set of patio doors, whose owner was at the property at the time – before being caught on January 2.

“It must have been very frightening for her at that particular time to see a stranger in her house,” Judge Greene added.

The judge passed a ten-year sentence with a five-year extension to run consecutively with his current term.

Berger can apply for parole after his ten-year term has been served.           

Picture courtesy of johnthurm via Flickr, with thanks. 

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