Updated: Thursday, 9th July 2020 @ 8:21am

'Change or spend your years in jail': Judge's warning to Stockport man, 20, after drugs and theft conviction

'Change or spend your years in jail': Judge's warning to Stockport man, 20, after drugs and theft conviction

A Stockport man has been sentenced for a total of 21 months after pleading guilty to a variety of charges including aggravated burglary and possession of illegal substances.

Minshull St Crown Court heard that Kyle Paul Toner, 20, formerly of Brindale House in Stockport, had stolen items including a vehicle, a pair of sunglasses and a sat nav system.

The defendant had also been found in possession of a blade, amphetamines and MDMA.

Addressing the defendant before sentencing, Judge Angela Nield told him: “Unless you change your behaviour, you are likely to spend the rest of your adult life in and out of jail.”

Toner, whose offences go back to June 2016, has been in custody since June 9 2017 after violating a curfew order, and appeared before the court by video link.

Earlier, defence counsel Peter Malone had noted that Toner came from a dysfunctional family and was addicted to Spice.

He has spent a lot of his life on the streets but while in custody has shown a desire to improve and seemed keen to engage with the drugs service and put his past behind him.

Mr Malone requested that this and Toner’s early readiness to plead guilty be taken into account.

He said: “My client is keen to put matters behind him. The past is regrettable but he has planned that there is life out there other than Spice.”

While sentencing, Judge Nield acknowledged that she had considered these points along with the defendant’s comparative youth.

However, she also noted that as Toner had already accumulated 12 convictions for 17 offences, she could not avoid giving a custodial sentence.

Judge Nield ruled that half of the sentence should be spent in custody and the rest under license.

She ordered that given the defendant’s circumstances there was no point in making an order for costs and compensation.