Updated: Thursday, 6th August 2020 @ 6:47am

Bobbies on the tweet: GMP use Twitter to reveal every call received over 24 hours

Bobbies on the tweet: GMP use Twitter to reveal every call received over 24 hours

| By Hanna Duggal

Greater Manchester Police are diving back into the world of social media to show the public what officers and staff cope with on a daily basis.  

From 5am Tuesday October 14 Greater Manchester Police will be tweeting every call they receive for 24 hours.

The initiative has come about exactly four years after the first GMP Twitter Day.  

Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy said: “Since we held our first Twitter day in 2010 the force has shrunk by 1,400 officers, and it has become more of a challenge to maintain the service to the public.”

Mr Fahy said people were surprised by the range of incidents the Force had to deal with.

He added: “Most of our work is about protecting vulnerable people, targeting those who abuse them and dealing with the consequences of entrenched social problems.

“We have a tremendous workforce that everyday shows great dedication, patience and compassion.”

He also said staff were concerned about the possible consequences of further reductions in police workforce in the coming years.

Within 24 hours Greater Manchester Police will give details of more than 3000 calls using Twitter and their Facebook account will offer details of how cases are investigated.

A peak into the complex work carried out by officers in fields such as public protection will also be provided via video.

Community reporters will be sending out commentary from custody and a response patrol.

Also in on the action will be 101 local police, who will be posting live feeds on social media throughout the day.

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Jim Battle said: “Twitter day gives the public an insight into a typical busy day for Greater Manchester Police.”

Mr Battle said he would like to give the public an idea of the pivotal role officers play in protecting the community. 

He added: “Giving the public an insight into a day in the life of GMP will strengthen their support for officers and staff, who do extraordinary work in difficult circumstances.

“It also reinforces the case to government that investment in policing is essential and cutting police budgets is reckless.”

To keep up with the day’s actions follow the Twitter hashtag #gmp24