Updated: Tuesday, 25th February 2020 @ 8:22pm

Not in the mood for love: Manchester stingy on Valentine's Day as one in ten spend less then a POUND

Not in the mood for love: Manchester stingy on Valentine's Day as one in ten spend less then a POUND

| By Mike Cooper

One in ten people in Greater Manchester spend less than a pound on their partner on Valentine’s Day, according a survey.

Greater Manchester came bottom of table of much money people spend on their partners on Valentine’s Day, with local love-birds spending on £40 on average.

The jewellers Beaverbrooks have surveyed research across several stores in Manchester; in the Arndale, the Trafford Centre, Bolton, Oldham, Stockport and Wigan.

The research found that while 4% of Mancunians spend up to £500 on a gift, if money even wasn’t an option, most people would still spend the same anyway.

“Buying Valentine’s Day gifts can be quite tricky on occasion,” said Anna Blackburn, a spokeswoman for Beaverbrooks. “If you’re planning to get the loved-one a gift, we would recommend steering the conversation to Valentine’s Day to try and get a hint before you buy.”

Only 4% of people said they’d dump their other half if they didn’t buy that perfect gift that’s been hinted at for the past few weeks.

On the other side of the M62, love is spreading like the plague, with Liverpudlians set to cash out on dynamite £70 presents on average – the largest amount in the UK.

If you’re not too worried about breaking the bank, here are a few suggestions that the public would spend if money wasn’t a worry, a private jet – with maybe that dream getaway – a yacht, a new wardrobe full of clothes, or even their very own island.

Unsurprisingly, Valentine’s Day will see a significant number of marriage proposals, with the study revealing that 7% of people in Manchester are intending to propose this Valentine’s Day.

People are far more receptive to marriage proposals on Valentine’s Day too, with nearly a fifth of people in Greater Manchester admitting they would love to get engaged this Friday 14.

Ms. Blackburn said: “We think this year could see a rise in the number of weddings and proposals, as 2013 was seen by some as ‘unlucky’, and with a quarter of people saying they’d be more likely to say ‘yes’ to a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day than any other day.”

According to Beaverbrooks, you are more likely to get that oh-so-dreamt-of ‘yes’ this Friday than any other day of the year.

The ideal place to propose would be the picturesque Lake District, with almost 20% saying it would be the perfect spot.

Image courtesy of ESO/J. Girard, via WikiCommons, with thanks.