Updated: Tuesday, 2nd June 2020 @ 1:57pm

Salford school deemed unsatisfactory in second critical Ofsted report, condemning ‘ineffective’ teaching

Salford school deemed unsatisfactory in second critical Ofsted report, condemning ‘ineffective’ teaching

By Chloe Vinden

A Salford school continues to require improvement following a recent Ofsted inspection with teaching found to be ineffective.

The report concluded that education standards at Walkden High School in Worsley are still not satisfactory with the same judgement given in December 2011 when it was scored a ‘3’ for overall effectiveness.

The grade ‘3’ judgement concludes that the institution has many strong aspects to it but still requires further improvements and in particular that the progress of students is not yet consistently good.

Lead Inspector Michael Blaylock said: “Some teachers’ use of questioning is not as effective as it could be in both developing understanding and in checking what students have learnt.

“Some teaching focuses too much on students doing activities rather than developing understanding; planning to ensure that students make good progress is not always sufficiently sharp.” 

The school’s standards are above the national average but overall achievement is not yet good as they are capable of achieving more. 

Mr Blaylock added: “The proportion of students making more than expected progress is still below average.”

The report does however recognise that in comparison to the last report examination results are noticeably higher.

It also states that senior leaders are very effectively improving the quality of teaching through their strong commitment to training and regular review.

In additional reference to the school’s quality of teaching, Mr Blaylock said: “Teaching is not consistently good.

“It does not always challenge and extend the most able students because teacher aspirations and expectations are not always sufficiently sharp.”

As a result of the October inspection, the school will receive a full inspection within 24 months. 

Walkden High School declined to comment. 

Image courtesy of marsmet491 via Flickr, with thanks.

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