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Manchester band launch their City Reign with Deaf Institute 'homecoming' gig

Manchester band launch their City Reign with Deaf Institute 'homecoming' gig

| By Loughlan Campbell

City Reign are out to prove those who ever doubted them wrong in their homecoming gig at Manchester’s Deaf Institute tonight.

The indie rock four-piece, whose founding members met at the University of Manchester, return to the city to play the venue that’s always been one of their biggest goals.

Frontman Chris Bull revealed to MM how playing at the Deaf Institute had become the band's benchmark for success.

“Many years ago, we were told by someone that we were so terrible, we’d never get a gig at the Deaf [Institute]. It feels really, really good to prove them wrong," he said.

“Manchester is our home and by playing a venue of this stature, we feel like were slowly getting where we want to be. We really want to go out there and prove to everyone what we can do.”

Chris recalls debuting new material in front of a packed crowd at Gullivers in Northern Quarter as being the band’s best-ever gig.

“It was one of the big highlights of our career so far when we played Gullivers, as we got to unleash all the new songs, and we got such a big response even though no-one knew the songs,” Chris said.

The band call Manchester home, despite each coming from other parts of the country.

Ryan Ashton is the closest thing they have to a Mancunian, hailing from St Helens, whilst founding members Michael Grice and Chris are Londoners.

Chris added: “We've all been living here for a long time, it’s our home. We all chose to come here.

“We get a buzz here, we came to the city because of its reputation for the music, and it’s so different here.

"Everyone loves music, there’s love for all sorts of genres and people are also so much more enthusiastic in Manchester. It’s a special place.”

The band recently released their new single, 'Disappear' for release on their own record label, Car Boot Records and it’s already Chris’ favourite song to play live.

He said: “It’s the song I’m most looking forwarding to playing, it’s got a massive amount of energy to it and a big driving riff through the chorus. It’s just a lot of fun to play.”

Tickets available for City Reign’s show are still available here.

Check back next week for our full-length interview with City Reign.

Image courtesy of City Reign via Youtube, with thanks.