Updated: Sunday, 12th July 2020 @ 9:02am

The Christie's annual fundraiser an enduring ‘feet’ for only ‘bravest of soles’

The Christie's annual fundraiser an enduring ‘feet’ for only ‘bravest of soles’

| By Hanna Duggal

The Christie’s annual ‘Big DO’ is back again this year with the ‘Firewalk with a Twist’ challenge at the Trafford Centre today.

The Christie’s yearly fundraising event will be held at the Trafford Centre’s main stage, in The Orient, between 10am-10pm.

Any brave souls will be challenged to do the ‘Firewalk with a Twist’ – an eight foot toe-twisting walk across 10,000 toy bricks.

GRIN AND BEAR IT: Withington firemen test the excruciating challenge

Ste Anderson, Campaigns and Events Manager at The Christie charity, said: “If you’ve ever stepped on toy bricks by accident you’ll know the pain.

“We think you’ll agree it’s worse than hot coals or freezing ice and so this is our ultimate challenge.

“It doesn’t matter what you do – just make sure you’re a part of it.”

Co-fundraiser of the event and former glamour model, Natalie Pike, told Mancunian Matters: “The event is encouraging the people of Greater Manchester and the North West to do something for The Christie.”



When asked about what inspired the event Natalie said: “We were trying to think of an event that anybody could do  families could take part, it’s for children, grandparents, mums and dads, and couples.

“You don’t have to do any training, you don’t have to collect any sponsorship money, you literally turn up during the 12 hours, when it’s good for you, pay your £5, and give it a go.”

The Christie opened in 1901 and is now one of Europe’s leading cancer centres.

It has an incredible 30,000 supporters who last year helped raise a record-breaking £14.8million, with 83p in every £1 going directly to patients.

It has also become the UK’s first institution to offer high energy proton beam therapy, which patients will begin using in 2018.

Given The Christie's popularity, it is anticipated that hundreds, if not thousands, of people will turn up to its biggest fundraising event of the year.

“Supporting The Christie charity and donating just £5 makes such a huge difference to the work that they do," said Natalie.

“I’m just hoping we have a continuous flow of people throughout the day.

Last month firefighters at Withington Fire Station (pictured above) pre-tested the challenge.

“They were amazing; one of the girls at the charity volunteered and went along and while they were doing the walk they gave her a fireman’s lift," added Natalie.

“They were just laughing and finding it so fun to be part of – that’s the atmosphere we’re hoping to create at the Trafford Centre.”



When the tough firefighters were asked if they found it painful they surprisingly admitted ‘it did hurt.’

Natalie added: “For The Christie having the charity is vital, it lets them do so much more than it would be able to do without it.

“The people that support the charity continue to come up with the most amazing ideas and they are so committed.

“We are very lucky that we have such incredible support.”

The charity recently raised £10million for the new Palatine Treatment Centre at The Christie, which opened in June of this year and which Natalie stated would not exist without the tireless work the charity do.

Defying the usual red and blue colours of The Christie, people are encouraged to wear orange as part of their support for the event while anyone taking part will also receive a certificate to attest their ‘bravery.’ 

The Christie charity will also be holding another event, in association with ‘The Big DO’, called ‘Night of Neon’, on October 25 – a 10 kilometre walk around Salford Quays.

For more details about today's fundraiser follow the Twitter account @TheChristie.