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Where do you draw the line? Trafford Council splash £4,000 on strip of double yellow lines in Sale

Where do you draw the line? Trafford Council splash £4,000 on strip of double yellow lines in Sale

| By Tim Underwood – MM exclusive

Trafford Council spent almost £4,000 introducing double yellow lines to a small area of Sale last year.

A response to a Freedom Of Information request submitted last month revealed that ‘the total cost of the scheme was £3,939, which includes legal costs and consultation costs’.

The lines were painted on both sides and are roughly 160 metres long – about the same length as Beetham Tower is high. 

Painted in December last year, the strip restrict motorists from parking on a short stretch of Firs Way and two other roads in west Sale.

Markings were put in place following complaints from residents that cars were being parked dangerously outside Firsway Health Centre and on Fir Tree Avenue and Goodwood Avenue.

There have been reports of problems being caused by vans delivering packages to the pharmacy as well as doctors and patients parking on these roads to access the centre.

Conservative Councillor for St Mary's in west Sale Rob Chilton told MM: “People were parking right on the junction where the double yellow lines have been put down. It was causing buses to swerve out into oncoming traffic.

“I'm not in favour of spending loads of money where it's not necessary, but in this case, for public safety reasons, it's very much necessary.”

ROADSIDE RELIEF: The double yellow lines aim to ease congestion in the area

There is a large car park available to health centre visitors, but it was not being used – much to the annoyance of local people.

“It was a matter of a lot of concern to residents which is why I pursued it in the first place”, Councillor Chilton said. “A lot of residents were worried about it.

“It may well have cost £4,000. As far as I'm concerned, for a public safety issue where there was a potential for people to get killed – a lot of children cross this road – I think it was a no-brainer, it had to happen.”

Residents living close to the health centre were mostly in favour of the idea – although some were surprised by the cost of the scheme.

Mike Odea, 46 – a service engineer living on Fir Tree Avenue – said: “We get people parking here for the doctor's. It's inconvenient.

“I'd have done it for a grand,” he joked.

John Comer, 70, also of Fir Tree Avenue, said: “It's necessary and probably worth it as well.

"£4,000 is a relatively small amount.”

PAINT AND DISPLAY: The £4,000 double yellow lines run for 160 metres

Others were skeptical about the effectiveness and cost of the new parking restrictions.

Roy Ferris, 79, a retired builder of Beechwood Drive, said: “I can't see the point of it.

“I think it was a waste of time, waste of money. People are still parking on them [the double yellows].”

Mr Ferris also expressed concern about people speeding on Firs Way.

Lee Watson, 53, a self-employed painter and decorator living on Newbury Avenue, was dismissive of the cost and also agreed that speeding is a bigger issue on Firs Way than parking is.

He said: “£4,000 is ridiculous. They want to try and put speed bumps in here.

“We've written to the council loads of times about speed restrictions. It falls on deaf ears.”

In terms of the roads’ newfound safety and accessibility, many residents felt that £4,000 fair amount of money to pay considering benefits residents have noticed.

Margaret Tutter, a resident of nearby Aspinwood Drive, is strongly in favour of the double yellow lines.

She said: “It's the best thing they've done. We've been waiting for that and I was dead pleased when they did it.

“It sounds a lot of money, but for the safety of children [it's worth it].”

Mrs Pollitt, of Beechwood Drive, said: “I actually think it’s money well spent.

“I was constantly finding that turning right into this estate was a difficulty because of parked cars. I found them a nuisance parked there.”

Councillor Chilton will be standing in Thursday’s local elections.

He was voted in back in 2010, where he received 2,367 votes – 43.3% of the vote.