Updated: Friday, 13th September 2019 @ 2:25pm

'Don't forget to bring your sunglasses': How Manchester drivers can beat miserable winter weather

'Don't forget to bring your sunglasses': How Manchester drivers can beat miserable winter weather

| By Ed Higgs

With temperatures set to hit freezing and the first glimpses of snow being reported, a Manchester company has issued a 10-point plan to keep drivers safe.

As cars battle with ice and snow in the winter months, insurance claims inevitably rocket by 50%, but Tyres on the Drive hopes to stop you from slipping up.

The AA has a similar list with a painstaking 27 items, but by following the Holmes Chapel company’s shorter plan of action, you should avoid a frosty reception at your local garage:

Don’t forget to pack your sunglasses. Leave your pride at the door with this one as you’ll have the last laugh when that harsh winter sun is blinding you. 

Slip it down a gear. When conditions are difficult, using a higher gear and lowering your revs will help keep your car under control. 

If you have auto wipers, turn them off. If you switch on the ignition and your wiper blades are frozen to the windscreen you could potentially blow the fuse. Not good.  

Don’t follow in everyone else’s footsteps. If the road hasn’t been gritted, make a conscious effort not to drive in other motorists’ tracks as they’re likely to be icy. Tyres grip much better to snow than they do ice.

In a hailstorm, pull over and angle towards the storm. Windshields are reinforced to help protect against any impact. The same can’t be said for your side windows and the glass at your rear, being much more susceptible to breaking.  

Make sure you’ve topped up on fuel. Winter slows down drivers, and with a higher rate of accidents, traffic jams are an everyday occurrence. Headlights, heaters and sitting in traffic drinks fuel. 

Test your brakes after you’ve driven through a flooded road. If water has reached the brake linings, they simply won’t be as effective. To dry them out, drive for a short distance whilst gently pressing your brake.  

Don’t use your rear fog light. They can easily confuse the vehicle behind, mask break lights and dazzle drivers, so it is best to switch fog lights off.

Tune in to the traffic news. That way you’ll be up-to-date not only on the traffic but any floods, forecasts and road closures. 

And last but not least, switch over to winter tyres! Unlike popular belief, they’re not just for the extreme cold weather. They actually provide optimum performance in temperatures below seven degrees – whether it’s dry, windy, wet or icy as their soft rubber compound allows for a better flexibility and grip to the road.

Image courtesy of Chris Downer, via Wikipedia, with thanks