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Review: Deep Purple with special guests Europe @ Manchester Arena

Review: Deep Purple with special guests Europe @ Manchester Arena

| By Hannah Molnar

Heavy metal and hard rock sensations Deep Purple are still intoxicating.

But while the band’s music is breathtaking, fans were left wondering why they had chosen not to play more of their iconic songs when they performed at Manchester Arena over the weekend.

The group introduced their new album inFinite to an energetic crowd as part of their ‘The Long Goodbye’ tour.

Unfortunately, life-long fans were disappointed that the setlist didn’t include a number of their classic tracks.

One attendee told MM: “I think it’s the setlist that let them down. They were great songs, but not the songs I wanted to hear, especially at a goodbye tour.”

This seems to have been the general consensus from people after the concert.

There was, however, an emotional performance of Back In black played in tribute to AC/DC’s Malcolm Young, who died on the day of the gig.

The band celebrated his life and phenomenal role in the rock community and the audience paid their respects with cheers.

Frontman Ian Gillan made a joke about the seats in the usual standing area of the arena, saying ‘I’m sorry they’re not sofas or futons’, which got a laugh out of some in attendance.

Unsurprisingly, the demographic of the event was mostly fans that had grown up with the band and followed them since the 70s.

One would usually hope to stand up and head-bang along to the blazing sounds at a rock concert, but it appeared that someone had decided it was best to have everyone sitting comfortably this time.

Powerful solo performances from Steve Morse and Don Airey captured every essence of Deep Purple’s unique sound and fans stood up wide-eyed and encapsulated.

Psychedelic rhythmic patterns danced on the screens in the arena, taking us all the way back to the 70s where it began.



The Super Mario tune was playfully incorporated into one of the keyboard solos –very clever, yet perhaps slightly random!  

Drummer Ian Paice – the last original member of the group – styled a pair of sunglasses throughout their whole set. Some things never change.

Earlier in the night, special guests Europe set the stage on fire when they appeared in front of the crowd.

The Swedish rockers – who are playing several dates alongside Deep Purple – filled the whole arena with a roaring energy when they played their most iconic track The Final Countdown.

Fans screamed, stomped their feet and sang along in awe of the undeniably majestic quality of the song.

Europe also played tracks from their most recently released album Walk The Earth, undeniably keeping every bit of authenticity in their exclusive style.

Beloved artists Deep Purple and Europe are plainly pioneers of the music industry and their combined talents proved a mighty feast for everyone during this much-anticipated stop in Manchester.  

Image courtesy of Who or Die via Twitter, with thanks.