Updated: Tuesday, 2nd June 2020 @ 1:57pm

The lock of love! Singletons invited to share unique blind date in breakout room on Valentine’s Day

The lock of love! Singletons invited to share unique blind date in breakout room on Valentine’s Day

| By Edward Roberts

Singletons will no longer be able to scarper from a dodgy first date – because they’ll be locked in a room.

Lucardo – the breakout room based in Ancoats – is inviting those looking for love to experience a one-on-one like no other on Valentine's Day.

Forget about a swanky meal or a lovey-dovey romcom, perspective sweethearts will be given 60minutes to escape a room together.

In order to taste freedom they’ll have to solve clues, riddles and puzzles by working as a team.

It could be a dream first encounter… or it could be the blind date from hell.

LOCK OF LOVE: It's hoped that romance will blossom

Ian Pownall, who runs the escape room, said: “Since opening at the end of last year we have seen how these rooms can bring out both the best and the worst in couples.

“We have seen calm and collected couples head into the rooms and have blazing rows, forgetting that we can see everything on the monitors.

“Equally, we’ve seen couples pull together and work brilliantly as a team.

“What we haven’t yet seen is if they can bring strangers together - so we thought we’d try and play Cupid.”

MYSTERY: Teams will have to solve the clues to escape

All in all, 12 individuals will have the opportunity to take part when the event takes place on February 14.

On the romantic night, two rooms will be open.

The first - Gem Runner - will see teams tasked with pulling off a bank heist.

Meanwhile, the second - The Dream - will see gamers required to find winning lottery numbers.

It’s hoped that both rooms will provide a hotbed for flirting.

BLIND DATE: It should be a first encounter like no other

Ian added: “It will be really interesting to see whether sparks fly - or it will turn out to be one of those blind dates you’d rather forget.

“Either way, we hope everyone will have a bit of fun.”

Those wishing to get involved must be 18 or over. To apply to take part, email [email protected].

Images courtesy of Wyatt Fisher, via Flickr, with thanks.