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Manchester 'one of the world’s music capitals', says singer Dan Whitehouse

Manchester 'one of the world’s music capitals', says singer Dan Whitehouse

| By Arandeep Singh Dhillon

Manchester’s ‘thirst’ for live music is unprecedented according to singer-songwriter Dan Whitehouse.

Dan, 34, has recently produced his EP Still – a joint-venture with German/American accordionist and singer/songwriter Anja McCloskey – as he gives fans a taste of what is to come.

After performing tracks from his second album, Reaching For A State Of Mind, at The Castle Hotel on Oldham Street last October, he spoke of his desire to return to the city.

“Manchester’s thirst for live music struck Anja and I when we played at the Castle Hotel, people were really open minded and free spirited, a lot more open to it than other cities in the UK,” he said.

“The venues there are really intimate and it (playing in Manchester) was definitely one of the highlights of that tour, we have talked about it a lot since, the Northern Quarter gives you everything.

“It (Manchester) has great musical heritage and one is one of the music capitals of the world and without a doubt I would always want to return.”

The Birmingham-born singer has just returned from Canada, where he and Anja travelled around the country’s west coast before moving on to Vancouver to perform ten shows.

 but now plans to finally rest after a hectic few months, Dan is hoping to finally get some time to rest and recuperate although finding the time to do so has proved difficult.

This has been due to preparations for his third album release which will be produced by Rock and Soul band Danny and the Champions of the World.

He said: “I would like to rest but I have a lot to do. There is the touring and I have material in the bank ready to be released, that’s the good thing about being an independent singer-songwriter, you have freedom over music you release and when you do it.

Still – made up of four tracks – allows for listeners to engage with and explore the deep emotions caused by relationships across life.

The pairing of the artists simply works wonders and is recognised with the opening song Stille. Totenstille.

Recorded in Birmingham – Dan’s current base – the song begins with Anja’s vocals before Dan calmly comes into the song.

His words are drowned out as the music builds to a sudden climax before ending abruptly.

The project keeps fans surprised and constantly ensures fans are unaware of what is coming next as can be seen in Backseat.

From the opening of the song, listeners can expect to hear a more traditional piece of Dan’s work but are then sure to be taken aback by the unexpected introduction of an electric guitar solo.

This if followed by Railway Stop where Anja’s accordion is used to complement the track vocals – a key trait of past collaborations between the pair.

Petals brings the EP to an end with possibly the strongest message encoded into the lyrics.

The backing music is eccentric but the vocals certainly deliver, as the song aims to tackle insecurity within relationships.

The latest project by Dan and Anja, who have built their friendship on the strength of music, is a unique project which no doubt hints at success for what is to come in the coming years.

Image courtesy of Iron Man Records with thanks.