Updated: Thursday, 9th July 2020 @ 8:21am

Calling thrill seekers... the Snowscoot has landed: Latest winter craze arrives at Manchester’s Chill Factore

Calling thrill seekers... the Snowscoot has landed: Latest winter craze arrives at Manchester’s Chill Factore

By Josh Nicholls

Manchester’s Chill Factore has become the first indoor snow centre in the UK to play host to exhilarating new craze Snowscoot.

One of the latest trends in snow sport, Snowscoot involves participants riding a modified scooter down the slopes.

The introduction of lessons at the Chill Factore is already attracting an abundance of thrill seekers according to the centre’s resident Snowscoot expert Adam Kelly.

“Snowscoot is proving very popular with visitors,” said Mr Kelly.

“It's something different and a fun introduction to snow sports for people that don't ski or snowboard.

“Chill Factore has set the benchmark - we've shown that new snow crazes in Europe can work in the UK so we wouldn't be surprised if this caught on with other snow centres.”

Snowscoot could be viewed as an easier alternative to learning skiing or snowboarding as the added stability of the handlebars enables riders to feel more comfortable on the slopes.

Despite being more rudimentary, Snowscoot does not compromise any of its fun factor.

“It appeals to exhilaration seekers,” Mr Kelly added.

“Young people have also embraced the sport - as it becomes more popular, the younger ones are inventing tricks to take it to the next level.

“If it's a new challenge that visitors want then they should definitely opt into trying Snowscoot. Nothing beats the thrill and excitement of trying something new."

With Snowscoot sessions available exclusively at the Chill Factore visitors can experience the excitement of Snowscoot all for themselves, with lessons costing £27 for adults.

Mr. Kelly is delighted with the introduction of Snowscoot as the Chill Factore continues to offer its customers innovative opportunities.   

“Chill Factore wants to provide its visitors with an authentic snow sport experience,” he said.

“It's important to offer new extreme activities to those that otherwise wouldn't get the chance to try them."

For more information about Snowscoot lessons visit chillfactore.com or call 0161 749 2222. 

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