Updated: Tuesday, 2nd June 2020 @ 1:57pm

Trafford Lib Dem candidate calls on volunteers to step up as youth centres face cuts

Trafford Lib Dem candidate calls on volunteers to step up as youth centres face cuts

| By Alex Peace

The Lib Dem candidate for Stretford and Urmston is calling on volunteers to do their bit as Trafford faces cuts to youth centres and libraries.

Louise Ankers, 35, who will be representing the party for the first time in the upcoming May election, spoke to MM about local issues ahead of the vote.

Trafford Council have had to cut £24million from its budget this year – a large portion will come out of services such as libraries and youth centres as the children, families and wellbeing budget takes a £17.8million hit.

However Ms Ankers is backing the cuts and believes everyone can do their bit.

She said: “When it comes to things like parks and libraries it’s something that I would like to preserve as much as possible.

“People could step forward and do more work on a voluntary basis or within the community but it’s kind of a question of priorities really.

“Keeping somebody fed and looked after in their own home or making sure that children’s services are protected is sometimes more of a priority.

“It’s very difficult for everybody. I think it’s a question of priorities really, what do we want to keep, what we do have to do. And then order, what is the next priority.”

Ms Ankers also issued her statement on why she believes people in the Labour stronghold should vote Lib Dem.

She said: “Vote for Lib Dems if you want people who will stand up for your freedom, who will stand for equality of opportunity and do the best for your local area.

“That is what we are known for all around the country is standing up for our local areas and doing the best for the people of those areas.”

Image courtesy of Parrot of Doom via Wiki Commons, with thanks