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'Anti-Semitism' on King St? Pro-Palestine protests outside Jewish-run shop branded 'deplorable' by MP

'Anti-Semitism' on King St? Pro-Palestine protests outside Jewish-run shop branded 'deplorable' by MP

| By Liam Geraghty

Central Manchester MP Lucy Powell has criticised pro-Palestine protests outside a Jewish-run King Street shop, leaving people admit to feeling concerned for their safety on Twitter.

Police have been dispatched to deal with the protests outside Kedem Cosmetics as tension rises and fear for customers’ safety grows.

MP Lucy Powell responded to the issue after a number of Mancunians got in touch to voice their concerns after protestors from both sides of the Gaza conflict clashed on Saturday.

“Lots of people (getting) in touch about targeting of Jewish-owned shop on King St during Saturday's protest. If true, this is deplorable. Taken up with authorities,” said the Labour MP on Twitter.

“Whatever your views about events in Gaza and Israel, I totally condemn escalation of violence, it's unacceptable to target law-abiding Brits here.”

Jewish-owned Kedem Cosmetics specialise in ‘Dead Sea products’ and have been targeted by protestors throughout the on-going conflict.

FOR THE FLAG: Pro-Palestine protestors demonstrate

DIVIDED: Protestors from both sides met outside the shop (©David Semple via Twitter with thanks)

However, the shop has also urged pro-Israel supporters to come out in support in a counter-protest.

“Thank you all so much to our Jewish and Israeli friends for all your support yesterday outside our shop on King Street,” shop owners posted on Facebook last week.

FACE-TO-FACE: Pro-Palestinian and Pro-Israel supporters met with the Police

“The protesters will again be there today from 11am and we would appreciate your support once again.”

Jewish Mancunians have stressed fears for their safety as protests continue in the area – with some making allegations of anti-Semitism.

More than 1,030 Palestinians, mostly civilians, 43 Israeli soldiers and two Israeli civilians have been killed since Israel mounted an offensive on July 8 in a bid to halt rocket fire from Hamas militants.

The move has sparked anger across the world with protests all around the UK, including London and Rochdale last Saturday.

Images courtesy of Steve Spy via YouTube, with thanks.