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Terminally-ill Super Josh plans Halloween bash to add to charity £120K – defying doctor predictions

Terminally-ill Super Josh plans Halloween bash to add to charity £120K – defying doctor predictions

| By Sian Broderick

A brave Bury youngster best known to the community as Super Josh is defying all the odds while continuing to drum up cash for his charity.

Joshua Wilson, 14, was told by doctors he wouldn’t make it to 2014 but 10 months on, the teenager is gearing up to throw a spooktacular Halloween party this weekend.

The youngster was left partially blind and disabled following intrusive surgery to remove a life threatening brain tumour, when he was just three years old.

In June last year his mother, Dawn Fidler, set up the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity to help other children with brain tumours and post-surgery disabilities and has since raised more than £120,000.

She told MM: “He’s on permanent oxygen now, we literally have no idea how he’s still here. He left hospital care in June and we have a care team that help us at home so we’re literally just taking each day as it comes.

“Last Christmas we were told he was going so we all went to the hospice but now it’s almost Christmas again and he’s still here. It's amazing, he's just surprised everyone so many times so we just crack on and have fun and appreciate every single day.

“He really is Super Josh! He’s an absolute star, and he takes his charity and fundraising very seriously.

“We’re in a position now where we’ve actually got families on a list waiting for our help so it’s just a case of doing as much fund raising as we can at the minute so we can help as many of them as we can.”

DEFYING DOCTORS: Josh's bravery is inspiring hundreds of donations

The charity operates mainly through social media, boasting more than 40,000 Twitter followers.

It is committed to helping families with terminally ill children by providing help, support and financial solutions.

Dawn said: “Some things people need help with I couldn’t have even imagined because it’s never happened to us, every single journey is completely different. It could be they need help with medical care or expenses, whatever they need.

“We’ve worked for ten years to raise money for Josh and the response from the public has just been amazing. So many people have read his story and I think because he’s a face to the charity and people know his story they want to help.

"From my point of view, being able to help another mum or dad is just unreal. It gives me goose bumps every time when I get their feedback.”

Josh was left in a coma for six weeks following surgery when he was just three years old due to the location of his brain stem.

When he came around, he was partially blind and disabled, battling epilepsy, scoliosis and joint problems.

Now 14, Josh’s tumour is classed as frozen at present, but sadly the youngsters spine is severely deformed, which affects his lungs meaning a chest infection could kill him.

Because his spine condition is so severe he can’t have certain medicines and is unable to have further surgery.

Despite the teen’s severe condition, the 14-year-old remains committed to his charity work and is set to host his Halloween party this Friday.  

SPOOKY SHENANIGANS: Josh's Halloween party is open for all

The fancy dress event will be held at Walshaw Sports Club and will include apple bobbing, pumpkin competitions, raffles, pies and hotdogs.

But will Super Josh be swapping his cape for a scream mask? Mum, Dawn said: “His outfit is still a surprise at the minute. I asked him the other day what would he like to dress up as and he said ‘erm, Super Josh’.

“He's so funny. He loves Man United and Salford Red Devils so I said why you don’t go as a devil, but we'll have to wait and see.

"Everyone loves Halloween and getting dressed up but if you come to Josh’s event every penny you spend will go straight towards helping children with brain tumours.

"We'd really love people to come along and celebrate the fun event with us and celebrate Josh."

Tickets to Super Josh's Halloween Party, on Friday October 31, at Walshaw Sports Club are available on the door and on the Josh Wilson website.

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