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Review: Aamchi Mumbai Indian Restaurant @ Cheadle

Review: Aamchi Mumbai Indian Restaurant @ Cheadle

| By Deborah Buxton

There are many Indian restaurants throughout Manchester so standing out as a new opening is difficult.

Aamchi Mumbai is an authentic regional restaurant in Cheadle that offers a taste of Mumbai to Manchester diners.

It is an intimate restaurant with modern décor that hints at the regional influence of the cuisine with spice art, historical imagery and vibrant Indian themed photos.

The team, led by the friendly owner, Sandeep Gursahani, are attentive hosts and provide a personal service, taking the time to answer any questions about their dishes.

He told MM his restaurant is ‘for the people who have never been to Mumbai’, and said every guest should feel a little piece of ‘Mumbai happiness’ through the themed décor and food.

The chefs have been selected for their experience in five-star kitchens so the restaurant hopes to provide a consistent ‘taste of happiness’ to its diners.

A quintessential Indian meal wouldn’t be the same without poppadoms and the quality was evident in the flavour of something simple like the dips.

Every ingredient could be tasted as it hit the tongue, especially the green chilli dip, which offers a wonderfully fresh combination of green chilli, mint, garlic, coriander and lime juice.

The menu has a tantalizing selection of starters including a sharing platter, which allows diners to tuck in and fill little poppadum bowls full of tasty sweet, spicy, tangy juicy goodness called Paani Puri.

VEGGIE SIZZLER: The Mumbai eatery has a wide range of vegetarian options available 

Bhel Puri, a puffed rice mixed with Chaat salad, Dahi Puri, crispy hollow pastry filled with yogurt and Chaat salad and Sev Puri, crispy flat pastry served with Chaat salad can be ordered separately but are all included in the platter and are a perfect finger food starter.

The Samosa Chaat has rosy-cheeked heat that creeps up on you whilst the colourful vegetarian dish is crispy pastry stuffed with potatoes, peas and offset with chutneys.

Meat gets delivered fresh every day, which is true to the ethos of the restaurant owners who wanted to stay away from dishes preserved for days in oil, often causing bloating for diners.

All meals are made fresh daily and this is exemplified in the quality of the food and presentation on offer.

There is a select choice of classic dishes on the main menu including a Bhuna, using succulent lamb, and the Aamchi Mumbai Chicken Curry, similar to a korma but hotter, and butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala add to the staple British favourites.

Less well known, but for fish lovers, is the Bombay to Goa Fish Curry, or the Chicken Malvani, both favourites in coastal regions near Mumbai.

DIP DIP DIP: Yogurt, Red Chilli, Mango Chutney and Green Chilli Dips

There are also ample vegetarian offerings including Aloo, Bombay Potatoes and the Mumbai Veg Sizzler.

Peppers, rice, onion, Indian cottage cheese and okra using Chinese sauces are an alternative to the Indian meat based dishes so there really is something for everyone on this menu.

For younger diners there is the trans-continental Mumbai style Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza which uses tikka sauce as the base and is topped with Chicken Tandoori and vegetarian cheese.

If there is room left then there is a selection of traditional desserts on offer.

The refreshing but unfortunately named Barf Gola is a crushed ice sorbet made with blackcurrant and rose syrups, cooling after indulging in spice.

My only criticism is that I would have preferred rocket to iceberg lettuce with the salad garnish served with some starters.

Although, if you base your choice of Indian restaurant on the salad garnish served then you probably don’t like Indian food.

However, if you’re a fan is reasonably priced meals, friendly service, and a warm atmosphere head to Aamchi Mumbai.

An authentic taste of Mubai without the flight costs.