How bingo became part of British culture

Bingo is a universally popular game, not something that only British people enjoy.

Having said this, no other country has such a strong connection to this game as Britain.

Local players immediately embraced the game when it crossed the English Channel at the beginning of the 20th century.

It proved so popular right from the start that gambling regulations were imposed to curb its popularity.

The rules changed gradually — bingo was exempted from other gambling restrictions that remain for decades.

Slowly but surely, Brits got to love the game and it became an integral part of British culture.

Bingo boomed in the 60s

Online bingo is the dominant form of entertainment today and you can see some of the latest bingo sites available, but the popularity of the game can be traced half a century ago.

An important milestone was set in the 1960s when new betting legislation was passed to regulate the industry.

Things changed for the better and over the next decades, new laws were passed to make the game safer and more enjoyable.

For a long time, people played the game exclusively in bingo parlors and other local gaming centers.

British people enjoyed playing bingo more than their counterparts from mainland Europe.

There are many potential explanations for this behavior, but the certainty is that they quickly fell in love with the game.

They cherish the social interactions made possible by bingo, as well as the laid-back nature of the game.

This is also the main reason why bingo was wholeheartedly embraced by players from all backgrounds, regardless of genre.

The majority of bingo players are women, with the percentage slightly decreasing since Internet bingo came along.

Online bingo saves a dying game

At the end of the century, storm clouds were quickly gathering over bingo parlors across the UK.

A significant drop in the number of active players was recorded and the future looks particularly grim.

Local bingo parlors had a hard time attracting new players and they were populated mostly by older people.

Things have to change quickly and radically for the bingo wing you are in the United Kingdom.

Luckily for the fans of the game, this happened — and it was technology that saved the day.

The first bingo games were added to the online collections of Internet casinos.

Many of them decided to take a leap of faith with the game that proved popular in land-based locations.

At first, they were reluctant to dedicate too much coverage to this game and established standalone websites.

This happened just a few years later and today we have dozens of online bingo rooms that accept British players.

The number is only expected to grow in the next couple of years, as technology makes giant leaps forward.

Bingo passed the test of time successfully and one century after becoming a part of British culture, it is still going strong.

Online gambling keeps the game alive and popular, with more players than ever enjoying bingo over the Internet.

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