Crash! Bang! Wallop! What a Top Gear episode: Petition for Partridge to replace Clarkson

With last week’s punch ‘fracas’ meaning the end of the road for Clarkson’s Top Gear career, a spot has opened up – one that campaigners are saying should be filled by Alan Partridge.

With ‘a strong track record for broadcast presenting, from his relaxed professionalism with guests on BBC chat show ‘Knowing Me Knowing You’ to his effortless banter on his talk shows at Radio Norwich,’ 18,000 have signed a petition deeming Partridge the best man for the job.

The fictional character, played by Middleton comic Steve Coogan ‘has good experience with motoring TV, after his brilliant work on ‘Crash! Bang! Wallop! (What a video)’, according to organisers.

By lunchtime Monday, the petition had racked up 18,000 signatures, with just less than 7,000 left to reach their target of 25,000.

Respondents were taking every opportunity to quote the classic Partridge lines, with Daniel Mackay quick off the mark to urge the BBC ‘to also consider commissioning Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank’, and Conor McKeown reciting, ‘but this isn’t Britain, this is the autobahn!’

Started by Glaswegian fan Lorn Macdonald, it still remains short of the 960,000 who have signed the campaign to reinstate Clarkson.

“We believe his diversity of experience and noted passion for cars puts Alan in great stead to take over as chief presenter after Clarkson’s successful tenure,” the petition says.

“Mr Partridge is both capable of retaining what has made the show great over the years and adding a new and vital re-energised flavour to the show.”

Iconic Top Gear presenter Clarkson currently remains suspended while an internal inquiry decides his fate after allegations emerged he hit a producer in a row about food.

Athough he is a regular source of controversy for the broadcaster, he is generally accepted as critical to the success of the show.

Image courtesy of Blinkbox, via YouTube, with thanks

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