Why online gambling is on the rise in the UK

If we go back in time, betting and playing at casinos was not even close to as easy as it is today.

This is of course primarily due to the huge amount of not only physical, but also online casinos available today.

Betting and gambling is easier than ever before, as it’s always just a click away.

Over half of all online casino games are played using a smartphone.

Surveys made by the Gambling Commission in 2020 also show that players hold an average of three accounts, some even more.

It’s always possible to find an online casino or a way to bet on the next Manchester United match, and so, a bigger chunk of the population than ever before do so.

But why and how did we get here?

The casino experience online

Avid casino users are leaning towards online casinos rather than physical ones.

A big part of the reason for this is that the online versions can be played anywhere at any time.

Another reason for the rise in the online activity is, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic forced many to stay at home and physical casinos to close down, meaning that players that usually preferred the physical experience also moved online.

Many have also realized that playing online can actually give you a very “real”, lifelike experience.

Most online casinos livestream certain tables such as poker or blackjack, allowing you to play along with a real dealer.

In general, online casinos just offer more options.

When casinos aren’t confined by a physical space, they can offer way more games – and players never have to wait for a free table.

Convenience is key, and it is easily one of the biggest reasons behind the rise of online gambling.

In online casinos, the options are endless, and some sites even collect and share reviews of some of the best online casino games.

Make sure to stay safe online by reading these reviews.

Which games are popular?

Which casino game is the most popular of course changes constantly.

The most commonly played games are blackjack, poker and slot machines.

Both poker and blackjack can be won through strategizing, making them more interactive and interesting if you know what you’re doing.

Don’t like strategizing? You can also play games based purely on luck.

These are games like slot machines and roulette, which can’t be won through tactics.

Slots in particular are very popular because of the constant “near win” feeling you get with every spin.

Besides the classics, the Gambling Commission survey also found that Esports betting is extremely popular amongst young males.

Restrictions insure player safety

Because of the rise in gambling activity, restrictions have been put in place to ensure the players’ safety.

Now, operators must clearly show or display the total wins and losses to the player.

Before the restrictions, some sites would make some losses look like wins to trick people into spending more because of the intended misinformation.

Another thing that was changed was the way slot machines function online.

The online slots are made to mimic the physical ones, but many were previously enhanced and spun much faster to make the player spend more in less time.

To combat this, there are now limits on spin speeds and a permanent ban on features that can speed up any games.

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