VIDEO: ‘Our kid’ Korean Billy will teach you how to do a mint Mancunian accent

YouTube sensation Korean Billy has created an English language learning video in which he teaches Mancunian slang.

In the video, which has already had nearly 7,500 hits, Billy Kong breaks down the Mancunian dialect by citing well known phrases such as “He’s dead sound him that bloke” and “That beer is mint.”

This follows the popular post Kong made last July on Liverpool dialect which led to him being interviewed on BBC Radio Merseyside and Capital Liverpool.

One crucial thing he makes clear in the video is that in Manchester we say “Our kid” but it’s “Ar Kid” in Liverpool.

Kong fell in love with the Mancunian and Scouse accents whilst studying International Studies and Journalism on a six month exchange programme at the University of Central Lancashire.

“As a foreigner myself, both accents sound really sing-songy and friendly to me,” he said.

Whilst living in the UK, Kong also developed a taste for a good cuppa and says his favourite Mancunian phrase is ‘Make us a brew mam.’

Billy now lives in Seoul, Korea where he hopes to forge a career as a broadcast journalist and possibly develop his Youtube channel which already boasts nearly 18,000 subscribers.

His latest video is sure to have everyone buzzin’. 

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