Review: Florence + the Machine @ Manchester Arena

Florence + the Machine wowed those in attendance at Manchester Arena on Friday as they demonstrated their talent to connect people through music while promoting their newest album High as Hope.

Lead singer Florence Welch, 32 from south London, took to the stage just before 8:45pm alongside her eight-piece band.

The chart-topping group opened with June from their newest release, to which the crowd were immediately in awe with the sound of Welch’s angelic voice.

Whilst some would expect a more upbeat song to open with, Florence had no issues in getting everybody up and out of their seats only a few tracks in.

Like many artists who come to Manchester Arena, remembrance was paid to the 22 people who tragically lost their lives during the attack in May 2017.

Welch stated how the city had had a “tough few years” and that we were in her thoughts, before she continued on with the show.

The highly anticipated song Dog Days Are Over from the band’s debut album Lungs filled everyone with energy.

Welch even requested that people put away their phones and live in the moment – and it truly was great to take her advice and feel somewhat connected to everyone in the room.

The crowd was then treated to songs such as Ship to Wreck and What Kind of Man, which sparked an incredible atmosphere throughout the arena.

Florence then ran through the packed venue during Delilah to greet fans, a welcome surprise considering that this is something many artists avoid doing.

Big God and Shake It Out were included in the encore, accompanied by glitter falling from the ceiling whilst the singer twirled around the stage barefooted.

I would highly recommend going to see Florence + the Machine if given the chance. They exceeded expectations tremendously and put on a fantastic show for all.

Most importantly, it was clear that they value each fan individually.

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