‘Rapping in a British accent, the Americans love it!’: Manchester’s Kris Evans tells MM about flying the UK flag in international talent final

Manchester’s winner of the ‘Project: Aloft Star’ UK final, Kris Evans, is jetting off to New York to perform against global winners in an international final.

Representing the UK, the Middleton boy and up-and-coming musician is flying out on November 6 with the hope of winning the competition, after being voted the best of the UK artists last week.

Kris is also nominated for ‘Best Unsigned Single’ in the 2017 Best of British Unsigned Music Awards, with his debut single ‘N.U.M.B’.

‘N.U.M.B’ is one of 10 tracks fighting for the top spot in the prestigious British award and you can vote for it (until Sunday) here. 

MM spoke with Kris about both of the competitions.

“I’m still overwhelmed that I won it!” said Kris about the Aloft competition.

“The track that I applied to do it with was a really personal track, so to see such a positive reaction is just incredible.

Kris said that the nomination for his single was a real shock to him as it all started when he got a message on Twitter from the company.

“They said they’d love to feature my song on their podcast, it got played and they must have got a good response from it for them to nominate it for the best unsigned song.

“I’ve got so much music just lined up, I’m hoping to shoot my music video when I go out to America.

“I can’t wait to perform in New York. I’ve been to L.A before, and I received a crazy response there.

“The rapping in a British accent, they love it!”

Kris spoke about some incredible contacts he has in L.A.

“I’ve worked with some good producers out there before, like Brian Kennedy who produced with Chris Brown and Rihanna.”

Along with working with some big producers, selflessly Kris also helps unsigned artists have a potential audience in Manchester.

“I have a recording studio myself, I’ve opened it up in Manchester.

“I work with a lot of unsigned artists, I give them a platform where they come and I can help them make their music.”

He also told MM about some of his new music that he hopes to share soon.

“I’ve got my next single, that’ll be coming out in the next month or so!”

Kris Evans’ social media platforms, YouTube and the website for the Aloft competition can be found below.





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