The Bookies vs Online Betting

No longer simply an offshoot of brick-and-mortar establishments, the online betting industry is now a whole world of its own, generating revenue and profits many times more than traditional bookmakers do.

However, online betting isn’t better in every possible way, and you would be surprised at some of the advantages in-store betting has over its online counterpart.

This article gives you a brief overview of some of the benefits of both online and in-store betting, which will hopefully help you decide which is best suited to you.

Greater choice of bookies

The sheer volume of online bookmakers out there these days is dizzying sometimes. While this is obviously great from a consumer-choice perspective as it makes the market competitive, this can also be confusing for newer bettors.

However, the choice is ultimately a good thing, as it means that providers in the market will constantly vie for your attention and, ultimately, your money.

A common tactic many online operators use to draw in customers is bonuses. Welcome bonuses can include anything from extra spins on slot games to a free bet.

Besides newspaper-bookmaker deals for huge events like the Grand National or Cheltenham, high street bookies rarely offer bonuses such as these.

More betting markets

One of the great things about online betting is that it is truly a global market. With providers in every corner of the globe, you have constant access to games in a wide variety of sports across a massive array of markets.

One example of this is winters sports such as ice hockey and cross-country skiing. Previously these sports were only popular bets in mainly Scandinavian countries.

Now anyone can interested in these sports can find all the latest odds and fixtures. Summer sports such as baseball are also seeing an increase in popularity after the end of football season.

The convenience factor

Without question, one of the most attractive things about online betting is its sheer convenience. Gone are the days of trudging down to your local bookies on a rainy Sunday to place a bet.

Now, you can log on and place a bet from anywhere with a decent internet connection, meaning you can focus on the game rather than having to make travel arrangements.

Insider knowledge

Although this article has been mostly been about the advantages of online betting over its brick-and-mortar counterpart, in-store betting is not without its advantages.

One of these relates to the social scene you find at your local bookies. In addition to providing an enjoyable space in which to catch up with your mates, the local betting shop is also a hive of insider knowledge and information.

When it comes to sports like football and horseracing where the volume of information out there can sometimes be overwhelming, having a local contact who can provide you with some tips you might not get anywhere else is very beneficial.

In this sense, the betting shop isn’t just a place to make wagers, it’s a hub of insider information that might help you win big. Although blogs, news outlets and other social media platforms can replicate this to a certain extent online, sometimes the best information really is local.

Making the choice

Ultimately, online and in-store betting both provide a unique experience, and no single method is superior in every way.

Online betting offers you a massive selection of providers and second-to-none convenience. On the other hand, it struggles to replicate the unique rush of betting in person, not to mention the social aspect.

As such, it’s likely you are better off using both, something made all the easier given how traditional brick-and-mortar bookies have moved into the online space.

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