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Horse racing’s shining stars of the track

Throughout the years horse racing has produced some special moments.

It has also shown the dedication of the exceptional individuals involved all the way from the top owner to the horse racing on the raceday.

Horse racing has transcended from the ‘Kings’ sport to become one of the kings of sport all over the globe. We are going to take a look at horse racings shining stars of the track, those that dominate the racing results and see just who is currently making waves in this unpredictable and exhilarating pastime.

It would be unfair to not begin with a look at just which horses are performing the best at the minute and rightfully gaining that title of ‘shining star’. It would be near impossible to overlook Tiger Roll as the best horse in the world at the minute.

Going for a 3rd consecutive win at the notorious Grand National would be a feat only achieved by the great Red Rum previously. This horse has literally seen it all and won it all. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say this horse is easily one of the best horses to have graced the sport.

Coming through the ranks and truly achieving greatness is Enable. In her 5 years racing she has won a huge amount of cups. Including being twice winner of the prestigious Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe.

Her triumphs have bumped this horse into being regarded as the number 1 horse in Europe at the minute. We can only hope there is a lot more to come from this magnificent beast.

Maximum Security, aptly named following the scandal around this wonderful horse, has been working towards making it back to the top. This hugely successful thoroughbred won the Florida Derby in 2018, before winning the Saudi Cup in 2020.

It has however had its fair share of scandal, firstly being disqualified for interference after finishing first in the Kentucky Derby before a couple years later being involved in a serious doping scandal. The horse has since recovered and got back to doing what it does best.

Some honourable mentions of horses here are Stradivarius who has been exceptionally in form, Mucho Gusto (winner of the Pegasus Stakes 2020) and Paisley Park. The later horse here suffered a serious illness when it was 2 and the owner of the horse has actually been blind since birth. Despite these setbacks this unconventional runner has been doing extremely well in the British horse racing scene and is looking for some big name wins.

It is of course not all about the horses. Known for his exceptional record over the years Frankie Dettori is one of the best known jockeys ever. Despite not hitting his heights of 1996 Magnificent Seven at Ascot, this man has maintained his incredible level of talent at the top for a number of years and still remains a big name on the racecard whatever he competes in.

In recent years British horse racing has been dominated by Ryan Moore. Winning the Champion Jockey status numerous times he is the main rider for the formidable Ballydoyle operation. This lad has won almost all there is to win in horse racing. From America to Japan and Europe to Australia he has achieved wins everywhere. A true star of the sport.

New Zealander James McDonald was hitting dizzy heights before being banned from racing for betting breaches in 2016. But not to worry, he is back with a vengeance in Australia and you can be sure to see him arrive in Europe very soon, he is certainly a talented young jockey to watch out for in the coming years.

When having a look at the shining stars of horse racing it would be wrong to not include the Ballydoyle operation and its successes. Known for its horse racing heritage, Ireland is constantly producing the finest of horses, trainers and jockeys for the sport.

Specifically, Ballydoyle has been dominant for years now. Producing world class horses and jockeys, trainers Aiden O’Brien and previously Vincent O’Brien (who are actually of no relation) have garnered a reputation as the best in the world..

Aiden is without a doubt going down in the horse racing history books. This man is constantly producing winning horses in Europe and America alike. Vincent was voted the greatest influence in horse racing by Racing Post.

Despite being retired now this man was the best of the best and a true advocate for the sport. He produced Grand National and Triple Crown winners. He was a true shining star in this sport.

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