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Nation celebrates first ever National Bacon Butty Day

Today marks the UK’s first ever National Bacon Butty Day.

To celebrate the occasion, The British Sandwich & Food to Go Association are asking commuters to grab a bacon sandwich on their way to work.

The organisation, set up in 1990 and represents 1000 businesses, is keen to give Manchester’s foodie scene a boost after a difficult 18 months.

Whether you like your bacon grilled, fried or cooked in the oven, the city has a variety of outlets to choose from.

Popular morning hotspots range from the smaller Fab Café Bar, Katsouris Deli, and Takk, to well-known multi-national chains such as Greggs and Subway.

Behind the campaign to get food in Mancunian mouths, PR Director Rachael Ashmore at Manchester based Pretzel Group said: “The main drive behind the campaign is to encourage people to support food outlets.”

She added: It’s a bit of fun, and everyone loves a bacon butty, don’t they?”

The breakfast trade is estimated to be worth £2 billion to the national coffers.

And according to opinion polling, the bacon butty is not only the nation’s best loved sandwich, but is even more popular than James Bond and The Queen.

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